Will Joe Biden Run?

Will Joe Biden Run?
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You probably never heard this joke. Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence were the last men standing in a spelling bee. Each is asked to spell the word, harass. Who won?

Can you guess? The winner was Mike Pence. Only he knew that harass was one word.

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Now, in fairness, Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton and Trump are allegedly sexual predators. But good ole Joe Biden is just a plain vanilla sexual harasser.

What’s the difference? If you need to ask, then maybe you should just look up both terms.

Now that Biden is very seriously considering still another run for presidency, stories keep popping up about the unwanted attentions he has imposed upon many women over the years. Back in the good old days it was just Joe being Joe, but now in the age of Me Too, he is being labeled a long-time sexual harasser. Check it out for yourself by googling "Joe Biden, inappropriate” to see photos and videos of good ole Joe in action.

Should these past indiscretions be a disqualification for being president? They clearly weren’t for Presidents Clinton and Trump – both of whom did a lot worse than just placing their hands on a woman’s back, kissing her hair and whispering into her ear without permission.

But in 2020, the Democratic presidential nominee will very likely be running against President Donald Trump. Can the party afford to run a candidate whose sexual indiscretions surely do not sink to the level of Trump’s alleged ones, but will still largely neutralize the issue?

Republicans will also be sure to attack Biden’s performance as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1990. Aside from mistreating Hill, Biden allowed Thomas to escape answering even one question related to his knowledge of the law – a streak Justice Thomas has managed to keep alive by notoriously declining to ask questions during his nearly three decades on the Supreme Court.

So, the big question is this: Will Biden bow out of running for the Democratic presidential nomination – as he has done three times before – or will he finally jump in this year and stay the course? We’ll finally know within just a few weeks.

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