Galaxy S10’s Best Shot Feature Not Working As Intended After Update

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 has one of the best cameras around. DxOMark even applauded the quality of the camera in the Galaxy S series, giving it a top score of 109 at the time of its review. The Korean firm included several new camera features in the Galaxy S10’s camera, including the Best Shot feature. However, some users are now complaining that the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot feature is not working as intended after the latest update.

What is the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot feature?

As the name indicates, the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot feature suggests the best shot for any photo.

“Get the finest photo compositions possible with the Shot suggestions feature on the Galaxy S10,” Samsung says on its support page.

Users must enable the Best Shot feature via the Camera settings, and the feature will then suggest the best camera angles to get the best possible shots. The description of the feature on the Galaxy S10 says it will provide a pop-up “to help you line up great shots, then automatically take the shots when they’re lined up.”

However, users are saying that the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot feature is not working as the description says. Apparently, it’s no longer taking shots automatically since the latest update, according to tech site PiuikaWeb. Affected users have taken to Reddit and Samsung’s product forums to report the issue with the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot feature.

“Can anyone tell me how to make the camera shot automatically when i [sic] use Shot suggestions, because it was automatic when i [sic] got the phone but for some reason now is not. It’s not taking the photo until i [sic] press the button on the screen,” one affected user said.

Is the change permanent?

Some users say it might be a temporary bug, while others suggest it’s been done intentionally and will be permanent. Those in favor of the change say that most of the time, they didn’t agree with the CPU’s suggestions for the best focal point anyway.

Samsung may have added a toggle to choose a particular suggestion, but that would have required a bit of work. Thus, the Korean firm may have decided to do it easily by disabling the automatic photo capture.

“Yeah the idea of having an intelligence that decide what’s best for you is quite sucks. I thought there would be a toggle or something. But i [sic] guess its [sic] better to remove rather than not providing a toggle. Sometimes the suggestions do help,” one Reddit user said.

As of now, there is no comment from Samsung on the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot feature. It isn’t clear which update disabled the auto option. So far, there have been two updates from Samsung since the release of the Galaxy S10. One was pushed out immediately after the phone’s release, and the other came in the form of the March security patch. The changelogs for both updates mention camera stability updates. However, the changelogs don’t specify exactly what changes have been made.

Unique camera features in the Galaxy S10

In general, the Galaxy S10’s camera provides excellent image quality.  It comes with a top-tier camera and an automatic scene optimizer. Users can easily turn it on or off to take the best shots.

The option to swap between the camera lenses, like from the standard lens to the ultra-wide-angle lens, is another good feature. One other useful feature is the spot-color mode, which is part of the portrait photo tool. Users can also edit photos after taking them.

Wireless PowerShare is another unique feature the Galaxy S10 comes with. The feature turns the phone into a wireless charger to charge Qi-enabled accessories and phones. To ensure that the Galaxy S10 does not run out of juice when it is charging other devices, there is a power management cut-off at 30% charge, which means the S10 won’t charge the other device if it has only 30% of its battery life left. Although Samsung is not the first company to include a “reverse charging” feature, it has improved upon earlier versions of the technology.

Another desirable feature of the Galaxy S10 is its great battery life.

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