7 Reasons Retailers Should Check Out The New Instagram Checkout

7 Reasons Retailers Should Check Out The New Instagram Checkout
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There are several reasons why retailers  should check out the new Instagram Checkout. It holds great potentials for social marketing, which  is now one of the most effective ways to promote your business, according to 73% of marketers.

However, most people only think of selfies, photos and videos when they hear Instagram; which is not the case. There are over 3.2 billion daily active social media users, over 1 billion of them use Instagram monthly, including over 25 million active business profiles.


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With these numbers it is clear why Instagram is working hard to create a conducive ecosystem for social and commerce to thrive. Recently, it introduced Instagram Checkout, which though still in beta testing, is expected to be a game changer for many businesses, including retail.

In this post we’ll highlight how IG Checkout may benefit retailers, both big and small, and seven reasons why it is worth checking out, but first:

Some Key Instagram for Business Statistics

  1. 1 billion people use Instagram every month:

Presently, only Facebook and YouTube can beat this. Out of this 1 billion monthly active users, over 500 million use the platform daily.

  1. 88% of Instagram Users are outside the US:

If you have a product with global appeal, then the best place to promote it will be on Instagram. About 88% of its billion users live outside the US. This means you can promote your products to users in India, Brazil, China, Russia…

  1. 60% of users discover products on Instagram:

This makes the platform invaluable for smart businesses.

  1. 75% of users take action:

Instagram is not just about numbers, but very active users who take action. If you have visually appealing products, then the place to be is Instagram.

  1. 71% of US businesses Use Instagram:

This shows that Instagram is a lot more than selfies and photos, but also a business friendly platform. Twitter once was bae for businesses, but now appears to have been edged out by Instagram.

  1. 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram:

If 2 million businesses are advertising on Instagram every month, then where are you?

  1. 80% of users follow at least one business:

Users on Instagram are not dormant, they actively follow and interact with businesses they love. This makes the platform a haven for brands.

How Instagram Checkout Works

In order to make it easier for users to browse and buy from brands, Instagram is introducing checkout, which allows users shop without leaving the app.

The checkout process is designed to shorten the path to purchase, and encourage faster, safer shopping.

Here’s how Instagram Checkout works:

New Instagram Checkout
Source: Instagram Press
  • Users tap on a product they love, to view details,
  • They tap on “Checkout on Instagram” to view specs like color, size, etc.
  • Next, they proceed to payment, all within the Instagram app.

Here’s an explainer video.

After first purchase, customer name, billing information, email, and shipping address are securely saved and stored for future purchases.

Buyers will also be able to keep track of their purchases, as they would receive notifications about shipment and delivery right inside their Instagram account.

Currently, Checkout is in beta testing, and is only enabled for 23 brands including Prada, Zara, Dior, H&M, Nike etc. These brands also cater mostly to women; 7 of them sell only makeup.

It is currently only available to users in the US.

7 Reasons Retailers Should Check Out Instagram Checkout

1. New Income Opportunity

One of the core reasons why people engage in business is to make profit. Retailers can improve their revenue stream by including checkout in their product page.

Instagram is a photo/video sharing app and naturally people are moved more by the images they see. There is a tremendous chance for impulsive purchases on Instagram. With more than a billion active users, you can’t be wrong with Instagram Checkout.

2. Ease and Convenience

Checkout on Instagram can encourage impulsive purchase because it is very easy and convenient to use. It shortens the checkout process.

It also stores shopper billing and shipping details. This means the next purchase is just a few clicks away.

Instagram checkout allows for frictionless purchase when users are ready to buy.

3. Realtime Order Tracking

With Checkout, users can monitor and track their orders right from their Instagram page in realtime, without having to log out or minimize the app.

They receive notifications about their shipment, can initiate returns, get shopping support, cancel orders etc, all within the app.

4. It is Safe and Secure

Safety and security are paramount when shopping online. Some shoppers are apprehensive and abandon cart when being redirected to lesser known merchant websites to make payment.

The information supplied to Instagram Checkout is highly secure and protected.

5. Opportunity to Build Relationships

Instagram Checkout is yet another opportunity for retailers to build valuable relationship with customers.

It allows buyers contact and connect with sellers directly, increasing B2C communication, which is a goldmine for smart brands.

Customers may also feel more at ease and comfortable chatting with brands on Instagram (social) than on company or retailer website.

6. Potentials for Growth

Instagram currently boasts more than a billion users, bested only by Facebook and YouTube.

Search Engine Journal reports that Instagram is the fastest growing social network. This means that more users are likely to sign up daily.

This also means more potential customers for businesses selling on Instagram.

7. It Could Revolutionize Social Shopping

In the future, Instagram Checkout will definitely evolve and could transform social commerce. It would help retailers deliver a more robust customer experience.

With convenience and safety at the core of Instagram Checkout, shoppers await to see the impact this can have on social commerce.

Retailers too aren’t left out. They’re eager to see how Checkout benefits the 23 brands currently undergoing the beta testing.


Smart retailers aren’t folding their hands and waiting for beta test results, they’re preparing to take advantage of Instagram Checkout once it rolls out.

Let us know what you’re currently doing or planning to do, to cash in on Checkout once it rolls out for public use.

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