These Are The Uncensored Tumblr Alternatives You Can Switch To Right Now

These Are The Uncensored Tumblr Alternatives You Can Switch To Right Now
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Frustrated with Tumblr’s decision to enforce a blanket ban on sexually explicit content starting Dec.17, hundreds of thousands of Tumblr users are leaving the platform for other sites. They are trying to find out Tumblr alternatives that don’t censor explicit content. Tumblr has already started using AI algorithms to identify adult content and clean up the site, but its algorithms are so pathetic that they marked Tumblr’s own announcement as explicit content. Anyway, if you have been using Tumblr for a long time specifically to enjoy explicit content, it’s time to move beyond this site.

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Best Tumblr alternatives

In the wake of the Tumblr controversy, many platforms that you and I have never heard of have been courting Tumblr users to their own platforms. But don’t blindly join them. If you were on Tumblr just to follow a specific content creator, you should check what other platforms that creator is active on and join it. Alternatively, you can head over to Reddit, where you can find and subscribe to a bunch of NSFW subreddits. You’ll find everything from explicit photos, videos, stories and GIFs on Reddit if you follow the relevant subreddits.

If you are a creator, you might first want to export your data before moving to another platform. Here are some of the best Tumblr alternatives that don’t censor explicit content.

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Newgrounds has been around for almost two decades. It has been pitching itself as the perfect destination for people leaving Tumblr. The site has seen a massive influx of bloggers, artists, and other creators since Apple removed the Tumblr app from the App Store. Newgrounds’ activity on Twitter suggests the company has indeed been able to get a lot of signups from Tumblr.


Pillowfort is a rather new platform, but it’s one of the most attractive Tumblr alternatives, especially as it doesn’t block explicit content. Just like Newgrounds, Pillowfort is also courting Tumblr users. It’s a blog-centric platform that will remind you of early LiveJournal communities. It allows you to spread your work, create communities, and connect with other like-minded people. You can choose whether you want to keep your posts – photos, texts, GIFs, illustrations – private or public.

It’s worth pointing out that Pillowfort is still in beta, so you may experience some hiccups. The platform is also not as refined as Tumblr. Despite being a newbie, Pillowfort has attracted thousands of users from Tumblr.


Ghost is a well-known blogging platform. Now it’s started pitching itself as a “powerful, customizable alternative to Tumblr.” The official Ghost website says, “Hello Tumblr users! — We’ve just updated this page based on the recent Tumblr news.” Tons of people planning to leave Tumblr have been visiting the website. Ghost is suitable for bloggers and content creators with a huge audience. You have the complete freedom to control the technology and the content. Ghost allows you to create and share explicit content as long as you abide by the law and regulation.


Sharesome is an adult social platform, though it’s been around only for a short time. The platform describes itself as a “community where your kinks are finally free to run wild.” You can create a free account on the site and check out the content from your favorite creators and pornstars. If you are into NSFW content, this site is worth a try. It respects your anonymity if you choose to be anonymous.


Yes, Pornhub is one of the best Tumblr alternatives out there. The porn website has also been pitching itself as the perfect Tumblr replacement. It allows content creators to upload and share photos, videos, GIFs, and text posts with their followers. What’s more, creators can earn ad revenues and sell content to generate revenues. Users can customize their personal feeds, generate GIFs, and create playlists on the site.

There are a few other platforms such as Mastodon and DeviantArt that are worth giving a try. Of course, none of these platforms have the exact same interface and user base as Tumblr. But Tumblr is no longer what it used to be, so you shouldn’t be afraid of exploring new platforms.

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  1. None of these are good at all for what nsfw tumblr users seek. Some are too complicated some too confusing to navigate and some too censored

  2. have made a blog….pics uploaded..but archive only shows one…so maybe a few glitches so far, but the site is very nice…s…ratings are smart also.

  3. Non of the suggested alternatives can give the same as tumblr. I found a site called which is like tumblr but it is not launched yet… i could transform all of the content from my previous Tumblr blog.. so i think i will continue there. Do you know anything about this site?

  4. newtumblr is the best alternative i have found thus far to tumblr. no private blogging yet but im hoping it will be added in the near future.

  5. Its the new sex trafficking law the US passed. Its a bad law that makes it harder to do what the law was meant to do, and also comes down like the hand of god on any site that pay for sex could happen on.

  6. This internet is @ucked, nintendo bans roms and now hentai, they are going to suffer a war in 2020. Be prepared. I don´t even care, because i was out of tumblr for good in May. It was boring, i just only see porn every day.

  7. Nice idea, but Pornhub? Seriously? Part of the attraction of Tumblr was its independence from all the bull-malarky that is the mainstream porn world. Pornhub is the worst of the worst.

  8. reddit states all porn will be removed too. So tired of everyone in my business. If i want to look at something then its my freedom.

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