What Just Happened To The Tumblr App? A Lot Of Things Look Wrong

What Just Happened To The Tumblr App? A Lot Of Things Look Wrong
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Loyal Tumblr users have been facing a bunch of issues with the Tumblr app lately. Though it may not be as popular as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Tumblr still has a huge user base. It’s where people – particularly the younger generations – go to share and explore music, artwork, and tons and tons of NSFW content. Piunikaweb has landed on several tweets from Tumblr users complaining about one thing or the other.

Tumblr app disappears from the App Store

Users said on Twitter that the Tumblr app was no longer available for download from Apple’s App Store. It’s not yet clear whether Apple has removed it from the App Store or it’s just a glitch or Tumblr itself has taken down its app for some reason. Whatever the reason, this issue is affecting a lot of people. To make things worse, the app has stopped working for many users.

A few other users noticed that the explicit content has been removed from the app. A large number of people remain hooked to the service just for the NSFW content. Also, the Safe Mode appears to be automatically turned on, and users aren’t able to turn it off. In short, right now Tumblr has become everything it’s not.

When you create a new Tumblr account, the Safe Mode is turned on by default to keep innocent eyes away from the NSFW content. But users do have the option to disable it.

According to some users, Tumblr appears to be aware of the issue and is working on a fix. However, the company hasn’t yet issued an official statement.

If the service is still working for you but the Safe Mode is turned on, you can manually turn it off to enter the forbidden land. If you use Tumblr via your desktop browser, visit the site, log into your account, click on the upper-right corner icon that looks like a person, and then click Settings from the drop-down menu. Now look for the Filtering option where you’ll see the Safe Search button. Click on the button to disable it.

If you use the Tumblr app on your iOS or Android device, launch the app, select the human-like icon in the bottom-right corner, then tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and select General Settings. Now tap on Filtering, and then tap on the Safe Mode button to disable it.

The latest spate of issues come just weeks after Tumblr revealed a security flaw that could have exposed user data. The company said at the time that it had fixed the bug and there was no need for users to change their account passwords. There was no concrete evidence that user data had been stolen. The bug was related to the “Recommended Blogs” feature on the desktop version of the service.

The Recommended Blogs feature displays a list of blogs by other users that you may be interested in. The list is shown only to logged in users. The company said if a user’s blog appeared in Recommended Blogs, it was possible that a person with malicious intent could use “debugging software in a certain way” to view that user’s account information. The data included email addresses, encrypted passwords, previously used email addresses, last login IP address, and self-reported location.

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