FBI Director Doesn’t Believe Mueller Probe Is A Witch Hunt

FBI Director Doesn’t Believe Mueller Probe Is A Witch Hunt
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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses how FBI Director Christopher Wray defended special counsel Robert Mueller probe.

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Tom Fitton Mueller Probe
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

FBI Director Doesn’t Believe Mueller Probe Is A Witch Hunt


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Joining us now on Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Tom good to have you here. This is remarkable Christopher raid the Robert Muller witch hunt isn't a witch hunt. It's interesting because he has no evidence. And the American public. We're looking at lots of evidence. Your thoughtsMr. Ray indorse Maulers raid and the DOJ is raid on the president's lawyer. Extraordinary it's not even done in mob cases guns drawn raid on Manafort to photograph suits he bought this. This is what he sees as legitimate law enforcement actions byMr. Mueller. You knowMr. Ray has a relationship with Mueller that he admits predates this investigation and both he and Rosenstein have professional and personal relationships with Muller that make it impossible for them to disinterestedly call into question or manage his investigation or help a manager's investigation. So we're not going to get any protection. The rule of law isn't going to get any protection from the director of the FBI orMr. Rosenstein on the Mullar investigation. And you know and you and you and you nail it in the beginning when you said conducting foreign policy the Justice Department the Mullar DOJ Russia indictment is the DOJ deep staters hijacking our foreign policy with respect to Russia. Supposedly they told President Trump just a week before the Putin summit that we're going to indict all these guys what do you think about it. What is he going to say don't do it or wait till after the summit. That would be leaked immediately and he'd be accused of obstructing the Justice Department investigation.

And you have this intervention in foreign policy with these indictments that are really press releases in the sense that never be litigated or see trial and it's distorting our relationship with Russia. I'm no fan of Putin but I don't want the Justice Department running the show. The Justice Department has very little to do with justice right now in all all about politics. It is beyond politicized it is. It is an active political arm of the left in this country and the deep state and there is no question about it. And for Christopher Ray to sit there in Aspen and answer a question as he did. He's not an artful person or an imaginative one. That was just about as mendacious an answer as he could have possibly given what he knows about what's going on. The top leadership of the FBI called me fired for misconduct. McCabe fired for misconduct. Bolton Hill under criminal investigation said the leadership of the FBI moved out or demoted or fired. And the very individuals behind this Mueller investigation andMr. Ray thinks it's no big deal that there ought to be no accountability byMr. Mueller for having this evidence and these malcontents in the FBI who wanted to get Trump be involved in this investigation. And then when he fired him the emulsifier to remove struck he didn't tell anyone about it for four months till it was exposed that Congress Stark didn't get fired he was sent off to theH.R. department.

And when you figure out he's involved in a relationship with the deputy director as directors leading attorney in violation of all of the regulations of the Justice Department he's moved as they each are presumably to find more people to recruit just like him for the once storied agency just hired four more lawyers to have hired four more prosecutors. Not one a Republican one who worked in the Obama White House counsel's office. Well he has a record that is a disaster and the national media left wing media particularly will not look at it. Let's go to a couple of things. Rosenstein impeachment you've called on the president to just get rid of the special counsel. And and in fact his attorneys were at one point urging him to sit down for an interview which I know you thought was absolutely idiotic of where were is the president now in your judgment. And what are his greatest threats from this special counsel. I'm not a lawyer. Well you don't have to be a lawyer to think that someone should sit down with a special counsel whose goal was to investigate him. I don't see that special counsel giving him the benefit of the doubt in his testimony to him. So I'll give you as a Bashur counsel doing time. I know you're not your son I say You see I see elliptical observer and activist but I don't see where this ends. I don't know the rules of the Justice Department are the president can't be indicted or right a special counsel is doing an impeachment investigation. And if I were if the Justice Department were being competently run in this regard they would tellMr. Mueller there's no indictment here. You're not going to harass the president with questions will you be wrong. Impeach finishing up with the White House.

The only the speaker of the house the lame duck speaker Paul Ryan would love to see impeachment proceedings brought. He has been a greater obstructionist and a member of the resistance than almost any Democratic leader on Capitol Hill. Well you know I know there's going to be a new leader of the house and I hope the bottom the things that are debated when they have that leadership election is the house going to continue to be a doormat for executive branch officials like Rod Rosenstein who thumb their noses at the Karate Kid branch I think just specifically this corrupt just.

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