An Interview With John Stroud Of NRJ Capital

Today is a very special episode with John Stroud, co-founder and managing partner of NRJ Capital.

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John Stroud Of NRJ Capital

Prior to co-founding NRJ Capital, John held senior executive positions at Greenworks Lending and Lehman Brothers. He also advises institutional and high net worth clients on identifying, vetting, and incorporating impact and mission-related investments into their portfolio. He received his B.A. from James Madison University, his MBA from the McDonough School of Business, and post-graduate work in sustainability from Harvard University. In today’s episode we discuss what impact investing is and some examples such as Social Impact Bonds.

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1:31 – Tell me about your background, what led you to finance and investing? What led you to the impact route and why?

5:21 – How would you describe your investment philosophy?

10:48 – Can you describe what impact investing is?

13:38 – Is there a difference between impact investing, making money, and philanthropy? Is there any difference at all?

15:52 – I know you talked about quantified investors, can you provide another example of impact investing?

19:41 – I noticed most are US examples, is that happening globally as well?

20:38 – What do you look for when you analyze SIBs?

22:33 – Have you developed a process doing this over the years?

25:37 – How do you define and measure risk?

27:36 – What challenges does the industry face and what opportunities lie ahead?

30:49 – What are the misconceptions about the industry that you want to be cleared up?

32:06 – What are your favorite books?

34:54 – Who are your mentors?

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!