Google’s Chromebook Ad Mocks Apple And Microsoft

Chromebook Ad
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Chromebooks are known to be an inexpensive replacement for Windows running notebooks, as well as MacBooks. They are ideal for both children and elderly alike, especially for its intuitive interface via Google’s Chrome operating system. While Chromebooks still can’t replace the high capacity and performance of Apple and Microsoft systems, Google’s new Chromebook ad throws a shadow on Apple and Microsoft’s security and protection from viruses.

Google is not known to take swipes at its competitors, it mostly focuses on its own work, while aiming to bring improvements to its devices and services. However, in the new Chromebook Ad, Google feels confident to the point it couldn’t resist mocking Apple and Microsoft.

Both Microsoft and Apple were dominant in their industry for years and years, providing software, computers and services that, while popular, usually came with errors, that they later addressed through patches and upgrades. Now, Google is pretty confident in providing a virus-free, safe experience through its Chromebooks, and we can’t help but wonder, does Google want to climb to the top of the competition with its new line of Chromebooks?

Google advertises its Chromebook like a “new kind of laptop.” They waste no time, but immediately call out Microsoft and Apple for loading screens, countless errors, and even the infamous “blue screen of death,” all of those things being followed by classical music in the background of the video. Those are certainly things that can unsettle most users of these two operating systems. But, the question is, what does Google have to offer in its Chromebook ad?

The minute-long commercial, aside from mocking the two tech giants, also offers virus-protection, bug-free, smooth and fast performance and much more. The new Google Pixelbook also looks quite elegant and simply irresistible, with the given features. One that is undoubtedly attention-grabbing is the battery feature which Google promises to last the whole day, more than sufficient time to finish all your work or homework.

Earlier this year, TechCrunch also reported that Chromebook sales are growing especially in schools, which means that Chromebooks are quite handy to students, adding that Apple and Microsoft are trying to fight back the competition. It is likely that Chromebooks are preferred thanks to the lower price that is affordable to most consumers.

We will see what more there is to see on Google’s Pixelbook after this Chromebook ad. It is certain, however, that Microsoft and Apple will have trouble beating an inexpensive computer, especially if Chromebooks continues adding features that will make it more functionable and more like an actual laptop that runs operating systems like Windows or MacOS. Nevertheless, we hope that the new Chrome system doesn’t take as much from RAM, as the regular Google Chrome browser does since its last update. What do you prefer?