Charts That Matter – sector behaviour is extremely ‘weird’

1. It’s time for schools to teach Python, not Java, as their main intro to computer science. Along with being easier to learn and *actually* able to run anywhere on anything (like Basic back in the day), it’s the dominant language of AI and computer vision. My daughter took her first lesson in Python and she really liked it.

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Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

Chinese Credit Creation

2. The sector behaviour is extremely ‘weird’ from the last time we were at new highs.

Peak to Peak Analysis:

  1. Defensives roaring all the Way
  2. High Beta struggling,
  3. Rest others are just about very patchy performances. ( Kunal Bothra)

Chinese Credit Creation

3. Chinese economic data has weakened significantly and in last one week the authorities have blinked and we are back to the escalation of Chinese stimulus / easing .Why should  it matter? Because Chinese credit creation is responsible for almost 50% of global credit creation in last 1o years and in my view this will lead to Potential commodities/cyclical melt up and value stocks outperforming growth equities

Chinese Credit Creation

4. US Nominal GDP (real GDP at 4.1%) came at 7.4%. Rising velocity of money is normally associated with rising economic activity,rising inflation and higher bond yields.So who is putting bets on curve steepening?

Chinese Credit Creation

Article by Ritesh Jain, World Out Of Whack