VALUETALKS With Bill Browder, Hermitage Capital “Risk Is When Someone Gets Killed”

Hello Podcast Listeners, Today is a very special episode with the founder of Hermitage Capital, Bill Browder. Hermitage was once one of the largest investment funds in Russia up to 2005. He was declared a national threat by Russia after he exposed corporate corruption. He also lobbied Congress successfully to get the Magnitsky Act pushed through. Bill is a graduate of Standford Business School. In today’s episode we discuss his days early days investing in Russia and his current battle as a human rights activist.

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Bill Browder, Hermitage Capital
Moos-Media / Pixabay

Interview with Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital

1:11 – Can you tell me about your background and what led you to finance and investing?

2:53 – How would you describe your investment strategy and philosophy?

6:10 – Can you tell me about the early days and what were they like investing in Russia?

9:40 – During those times, were there any investors in Russia that you were able to bounce ideas off of?

10:46 – Can you share some of that advice that you gave you confidence to invest?

11:38 – When you were investing in that time, did you have to take into account geopolitical risk given that it was very chaotic or you just buy extremely low?

13:08 – Did you have to diversify or you kept a concentrated portfolio?

13:50 – When you were doing the activist campaigns, how did you go about that? Was that like you had to go public with what you were doing or you just kept it like within the company and bring up the change to the shareholders?

16:21 – Can you share some of those campaigns that you did? How did you expose them?

19:38 – How do you define risk? How do you manage it?

21:39 – Can you tell me more about that, Sergei and how that all happened?

24:31 – If someone wanted to do what you did, what would your advice be?

25:16 – What are the things you are working on as a human rights activist?

27:41 – What are your favorite books? Enjoy and thanks for the listen!