Some Of The iOS 12 Beta Issues / Problems Discovered So Far

Some Of The iOS 12 Beta Issues / Problems Discovered So Far
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Apple – at the WWDC – unveiled the iOS 12 beta, and the newest operating system has turned out to be more than just the maintenance update with a host of new features. Initial responses are all praise for the OS, but there are some iOS 12 beta issues, which you can always expect from a beta version.

A few issues have been reported during the initial installation. Also, the new update seems to be struggling with various third-party apps. This is expected as developers did not get an opportunity to test their apps on the new OS. Apps like Skype go into forced close and the popular game Fortnite keeps crashing on the operating system. Additionally, the Skype app is also facing issues in CarPlay.

EA, on the other hand, is also witnessing issues with games such as Real Racing 3. Another problem in the list of iOS 12 beta issues is that the iOS 12 finds it difficult to discern between a cellular and non-cellular iPad, and shows the cellular icon on Wi-Fi only hardware. Safari too is crippled in the latest update, and is struggling to give the right suggestions on the screen.

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Further, the dictionary feature is not working and certain keyboard anomalies were identified in Facebook Messenger when a user toggled between the conversations. Also, in some apps, keyboard suggestions simply overlap with one another. The new effects in the Camera app are not working in the messages. The iOS 12 beta issues also extend to some banking apps.

Apple iOS 12 beta issues are not just restricted to the apps, but extend all the way to the hardware and battery as well. The device becomes warmer and the battery is juiced out at a higher rate. Much of it is expected as Apple typically waits for the later betas to optimize the performance. In addition, all contextual menus exposed from an icon using 3D touch are semi-transparent and illegible. Animations also flicker here and there.

While some of the iOS 12 beta issues are recurring, others are just random, and therefore, the chances of some not facing the same issues are higher. It is prudent to look out for the feedback before installing the new beta version. It may be better to not install the beta update on your main device until more of the bugs are fixed.

With the iOS 12, Apple aims at improving the performance, predominantly for the older devices like the iPhone 5S. However, new software usually faces some issues on older hardware. So, users with the older iPhone models should also go through the feedback before installing the iOS 12 beta.

There are several videos on YouTube from the beta testers talking about the speed and bugs. Apple’s official discussion forums or social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are also filled with posts on the iOS 12 beta issues.

Despite a long list of the iOS 12 beta issues, it fixes one long time issue on the iPhone X. The iPhone X gave users a hard time when it took random screenshots while picking up the phone. The problem has been around ever since the iPhone X was launched. The iOS 12 beta seems to have taken care of the issue by restricting the phone from taking a screenshot when it’s sleeping. However, the problem would persist if the screen is locked, but the phone is lit up. Nevertheless, the fix – even though it addresses half the problem – does mean something for the users who were frustrated by multiple screenshots ending up in their folders.

The iOS 12 beta may have fixed one issue, but there are a few long-standing issues that have not been touched. Accessing the Wi-Fi at a public space has always been a multi-step action in the iPhone, and nothing has changed with the new update as well.

Just like the Wi-Fi, how the volume buttons work in the iPhone is also hard to get. There are three to four settings that have to be taken care of for playing a video on mute. But, that problem is still to grab the attention of the iPhone makers. Functions like deleting messages also involves multiple steps, which again do not sit well with some of the users, and it is still unresolved.

Despite the iOS 12 beta issues and other unresolved issues, the latest OS is being touted as one of the smartest updates from Apple so far. The final version is slated to release in September, and hopefully, all the issues will be fixed by then.

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