iOS 11.4 Battery Draining Issue Persists For Days After Update

iOS 11.4 Battery Draining Issue Persists For Days After Update
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With the release of a new update, it’s likely that you’ll see a battery drainage issue for a short period of time. The iOS 11.4 battery draining issue appears to be persisting even a week after its launch, however, with hundreds of users reporting problems.

With how much we rely on our phones throughout the day, it’s important that they have the power to keep us going from the beginning of the day to the end. The gold standard of battery life for phones is being able to last a full day on a single charge, and while the iOS 11.4 battery draining issue isn’t always severe enough to make the phone unusable for a full day, it’s enough of an issue that users are taking to the web in order to report the issue in droves.

“I am having the exact same problem on my iPhone 6S. Last 3 nights in a row, I went to sleep with iPhone at 70-80% charged and by morning (in 7-8 hours) my phone was dead, down to 0% battery. I did contact Apple support, they ran diagnostics and said all looks good. My battery health is at 100%, I have recently upgraded the battery. This started exactly after the iOS upgrade to 11.4, it’s already been 4-5 days and issue still continues.”

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“Why and how do I fix the new issue with battery drain after updating to iOS 11.4? Before updating, might loose as much as 10% overnight on my 6s. After update it now drains completely from 100% over the course of the night to the point that it won’t start until I plug it in and let it charge a bit.

Same issue with iPhone 6s Plus. Overnight went from ~70% to 8% in the morning. Only solution was to downgrade back to 11.3.1. Everything back to normal since.”

Many were told to give the iOS 11.4 battery draining issue some time to work itself out, but days later we’re seeing battery consumption continuing to be an issue and user complaints continuing to poour in. Many are blaming some changes in the inner workings of how hotspots, WiFi, and location services are being handled as a main cause of the iOS 11.4 battery draining issue.

“When I look at my battery performance, it shows that the personal hotspot on my phone is being used, though I have never turned it on. I have to keep charging my iPhone every 2-3 hours now.

Also it seems the battery drained fast when my iPhone connected to WiFi. When there was no WiFi connection, the battery draining seems slower or normal.”

“Had the battery drain issue with my iPhone SE, but I later realized that the location services and background refresh were the main reason for this whole problem. Try switching location services to be used only when the app is used and switch off background app refresh for the apps which you don’t need all the time.”

If you’re having issues with the iOS 11.4 battery draining issue, it may be helpful to turn off location services and see if that does the trick. Many users are reporting that doing so alleviates the problem, but it’s important for Apple to realize that such a fix is only temporary and isn’t feasible to implement long term. Making users choose between location services and battery life is not a fair choice for users to have to make.

It’s been long enough that the iOS 11.4 battery draining issue should have resolved itself, and it appears as if it’s going to take intervention from Apple in order to fix the problem. Outside of turning off location services, our best bet is to hope we get a response from the developers and a quick update to address any issues that may be causing these frustrating battery concerns.

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