This 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case Could Help You Take Better Photos

6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case
Image Source: Chytah

Photography got a major push forward with the emergence of digital cameras and lenses, and the rapid development of smartphones with high-end camera apertures allows anyone with a smartphone to be a freelance photographer. The iPhone has the largest camera among smartphones available on the market. More importantly, a huge number of people use Apple’s smartphones just for the high-end camera it comes with. This 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case will help iPhone users take even better photos.

The innovative 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case is available for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus. There are a lot of beautiful and useful cases for the iPhone on the market, but what makes this one stand out is its additional capability, thanks to the six lenses that it houses. Depending on which lens you choose to use, there are different benefits.

6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case
Image Source: Chytah

“With its award winning [sic] design, this case lets iPhone users make full use of the dual-lens system already present in their phones by putting [an] additional lens over them to take their photography game to the next DSLR-like level,” the maker of the case explains in the product listing.

Here are some of its additional features:

  • A 10x macro lens for magnification
  • A 20x macro lens for super magnification
  • A 180-degree fisheye lens
  • A 2x telephoto lens
  • A 120-degree wide-angle lens
  • Another 2x telephoto lens
6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case
Image Source: Chytah

The case allows customers to use it without the attached lenses, as they are removable. That being said, iPhone users can opt to just carry the case with them while letting the lenses sit in their pocket or bag. It’s ideal for those who want the case to flatter their smartphone all the time but also get the best of lenses when they need them.

The 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case is available for between $49.95 and $59.95. The price is determined based on the model of iPhone you have. The promotional price is active at the time of this writing, although it is expected to end soon, which means the price could rise to between 79.95 to $99.95.

If you want to shop for this innovative, creative case, click here.