Details Leak On iPhone X Plus, New iPad, Low-Priced MacBook Air And More

Details Leak On iPhone X Plus, New iPad, Low-Priced MacBook Air And More
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Although Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo may have changed organizations, he’s still hard at work leaking relevant information as to what the company may be releasing over the coming months. It’s appearing as if the Apple product lineup will be receiving a huge boost in the near future with the iPhone X Plus, a low-priced MacBook Air, a new Apple Watch, and a new iPad.

Ming-Chi Kuo

Ming-Chi Kuo has built a reputation leaking reliable information regarding the internal activities of companies like Apple, and his information generally comes from research notes that are released from the company in order to give investors an idea of the trajectory of the company over the coming year. As such, it’s looking like this new information regarding the iPhone X Plus, low-priced MacBook Air, new Apple Watch, and new iPad is pretty reliable.

While we haven’t gotten any confirmation from Apple themselves as to the existence of these products, these research notes are more reliable than a simple rumor and are intended to lay out the path of the tech company over the coming year.

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Let’s dive into what exactly was released in this research note and the kind of products we can expect to see moving later into 2018 and into the coming year.

New Apple Products

As mentioned above, we’ll likely be seeing the iPhone X Plus in the coming year alongside the second generation iPhone X. In addition to this information,Kuo says that the expectation is that we’ll see a brand new 6.1-inch iPhone that will be available in September despite entering production later than the two aforementioned devices. This info from the research note seems to back up the rumors we had heard previously about Apple once again releasing a trio of phones – this time all with FaceID capabilities.

In addition to discussing products like the iPhone X Plus, lower-priced MacBook,new Apple Watch, and new iPad, Kuo brought into the discussion the fact that the trade war between the United States and China might have an effect on a number of tech companies that require access to Chinese goods in order to delivercompetitively priced smartphones around the world. He did say, however, that he didn’t anticipated that Apple would run into any major problems manufacturing the iPhone X Plusor any of the other new entries to the lineup we’ll see over the coming year.

“We believe it is unlikely that Apple will be directly impacted by the trade war because it plays an important role in both China and US economy. It is worth monitoring whether Chinese consumers will reject buying Apple’s products due to anti-American sentiment.”

Accompanying the news of what we’ll see from the iPhone line in September is news that we’ll see “marked innovations” in the 2019 new iPhones. Considering that the majority of smartphone manufacturers tame a similar approach to development – releasing something revolutionary every other generation and a more iterative power bump on the off generations – it’s likely that the phones we’ll see near the end of 2019 will bring about something as revolutionary if not moreso than the FaceID we saw with the iPhone X.

IPad Pro 3 Display
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New iPad

As far as the new iPad goes, Kuo expects that we’ll see new devices that will be equipped with FaceID technology. This is to be expected considering how successful the feature was on the iPhone X, and we expect that Apple will continue to roll out the feature to nearly all of their mobile devices in the years to come – and perhaps even to Mac as well.

Apple Watch Series 4 Round Face
Image source: Alcion*Design/Tumblr

Low-Priced MacBook Air And Apple Watch

Speaking of Mac, we’ll likely see a new low-priced MacBook Air that should make the MacBook line a little bit more accessible. While all Apple devices – perhaps save the SE – are luxury products that have a bit of inherent exclusivity attached, introducing more affordable entry level models may help get Apple products into the hands of more and more people and increase their already astrounding profits and market share.

There are also rumors that we’ll see a new Apple Watch launch, but the research note does not go into too many details with regard to that product. Still, we’ve seen a yearly release of the device since it first launched so it’s reasonable to expect that the device will see a revamp in the coming months as well.

Leading Innovation

Kuo ended his statement with an assertion that Apple still remains the go-to company for innovation. Where companies Ike Samsung have fallen under criticism for releasing largely-iterative devices, Apple has shown that they have what it takes to continually breathe new life into their product lines.

“We believe that Apple is still the leading company in the consumer electronics sector and has surpassed its competitors by a wide margin in terms of innovative user experience and ecosystem development. The leading advantages will benefit it when innovating with new applications, such as the augmented reality features the company continues to focus on.”

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