Binance Coin Biggest Winner Among Cryptos; Up 23 Percent

This week in’s weekly coin analysis, 1,629 coins – or, all of the coins listed on CoinMarketCap – were analysed. It found that the majority of coins – 1,239 of them – dropped in value over the past 7 days to June 18, 2018. That’s 76% of cryptocurrencies.

The total amount of cryptocurrency traded over the past week totalled to $100.6 billion, a 6% decrease compared to the previous week. The coin with the biggest price increase was Super Bitcoin, jumping up by a whopping 650% to US$63.5265, followed by RabbitCoin (634%) and FirstCoin (311%). On the other end of the spectrum, CryptoInsight saw the biggest drop in price, down 87% to US$0.02.

As for the top 100 coins by market cap, Binance Coin saw the greatest increase in price, up 23% to $16.88. WaykiChain had the biggest fall, dropping 34% to US$0.8127. For more detail on the cryptocurrency movements of the past week, check out the findings below.”

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  • 76% of coins saw a decrease in price – that’s 1,239 out of 1,629 coins
  • $100.6 billion traded in the past week – 6% decrease from last week
  • Biggest price growth by percentage was Super Bitcoin up 650% to $64
  • Out of top 100 coins, Binance Coin saw biggest percentage price increase at 23%

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For immediate release, Monday, June 18, 2018, Sydney, Australia – Global personal finance comparison site has released its Weekly Coin Analysis of all 1,629 coins available on CoinMarketCap. It found that the vast majority of coins – 76% or 1,239 coins – dropped in value over the past seven days to June 18, 2018.  The coins that decreased in price decreased by an average of 14%.

Each week, will analyse the performance of these coins, including a seven-day change in value and growth of coins, trade value change, and market capitalisation. A separate analysis of the top 100 coins by market cap has also been included in the weekly report.

All prices listed are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.

Key Findings: 1,629 coins analysis

The total volume traded in cryptocurrencies over the last seven days was $100.6 billion – down 6% compared to the previous week. Bitcoin took out top spot, with $30.5 billion traded. This is still the lowest total amount traded for BTC in one week since we launched the Weekly Coin Analysis seven weeks ago.

Regarding percentage growth, Super Bitcoin saw the biggest increase in price, by 650% to $64, while CryptoInsight saw the biggest drop in price, by 87% to $0.02. Last week, CryptoInsight was the coin that had the greatest increase in price.

Top 5 biggest 7-day increase in price by percentage growth (USD)

Binance Coin

Sources: CoinMarketCap, Current price as at 7:38AM EST Monday, June 18, 2018

Regarding percentage growth by market cap, KuCoin Shares saw the biggest increase in market cap, by 754% to $225 million, while CryptoInsight saw the biggest drop in market cap, by 87% to $250,299.

Cryptaur saw the biggest increase in rank position. Cryptaur’s rank increased by 1,173 spots to 250, while Mixin saw the biggest drop in rank, by 914 spots to position 961.

Key Findings:  Top 100 coins by market cap

Out of the top 100 coins, Binance Coin saw the greatest increase in price. It went up 23% to $16.88, while WaykiChain had the biggest drop by -34% to $0.8127.

As for market cap, KuCoin Shares beat out Binance Coin to have the greatest percentage increase over the past week, shooting up 754%.

The full details of the analysis, including data tables for all measured areas of performance, can be viewed here:

Comments from co-founder, Fred Schebesta:

“Although the total amount traded in cryptocurrency continues to decrease, this week is more optimistic than last week in terms of price. Last week’s report saw 89% of cryptocurrencies decrease in price, while this week only has 76% of coins dipping in price.

“With smaller coins, it’s common to see their price jump up and down – take CryptoInsight (TKR), for example, which had the highest increase in price growth in the last report, but the least this week.

“Binance Coin (BNB) is one that seems to avoid the downward trend of the other coins. Being backed by one of the biggest exchange platforms lends it a certain credibility that is valued in the crypto industry. BNB’s success could also be to do with when Binance doubled its referral rewards for holders of the coin back in May.”