When Colangelo Decided To Turn To Burner Accounts, He Got Burned

Bryan ColangeloBy chensiyuan (chensiyuan) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

An incredible story hit TheRinger.com last night as Ben Detrick published a long, detailed report suggesting that Sixers General Manager, Bryan Colangelo, has been using a number of anonymous accounts on Twitter to criticize current and former members of the Sixers organization. What’s worse is that it looks like the burner accounts, which are accounts that utilize fake names in order for the owner to remain anonymous, were used to leak strategic organizational information as well.

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Some of the tweets that were allegedly written by Colangelo anonymously include:

“Ask Jah If he passed other team physical? He will not say not to lose other chance. But I bet the farm it’s what happened” which was sent to a Sixers beat writer and potentially discloses nonpublic medical information.

“That is a normal collar. Move on, find a new slant” which responds to a person criticizing his fashion choices.

As you can see in the quotes above the tweets from Colangelo range from the damaging to the just plain petty.­­ Reputation and Social Media Marketing expert and owner of the digital marketing agency WebiMax, Ken Wisnefski, explains what he believes the fall out of this story will be:

“What we have learned from those in the public eye who utilized burner accounts is that the information will eventually leak and become headline news across sports sites, radio programs and television shows.”

Wisnefski continued, “You look back to when Kevin Durant had finally moved beyond appearing petty in the eyes of the average NBA fan for leaving the Thunder, and then it leaks that he is using burner accounts to defend himself to random Twitter users and his entire legacy is tarnished.”

According to Wisnefski:

  • All public figures should utilize Twitter and other platforms to engage with their audience to build their brand.
  • Setting up a quality control process is necessary for those who can suffer from a negative tweet like Colangelo.
  • Colangelo can’t recover from this and the Sixers independent search will probably result in his dismissal.

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