Pokemon GO Fest Lawsuit, Niantic Agrees To Settle At $1.5M [REPORT]

Pokemon GO Fest Lawsuit, Niantic Agrees To Settle At $1.5M [REPORT]
Image Source: geralt /Pixabay.com

Niantic has reportedly settled the Pokemon Go fest lawsuit for $1.5 million, according to TechCrunch. The gaming company failed miserably at organizing one of the most anticipated events for Pokemon Go fans last year, and hence it was sued.

In July of last year, Niantic hosted an event in Chicago for the Pokemon GO fans. While having bad Wi-Fi is not a rare occurrence at such events, for Niantic, however, it was not the only snag during the event. The fact that so many players flew to Chicago and lodged in hotels made the failure look even more terrible.

Along with the embarrassment that came with the flopped show, Niantic also suffered a huge financial loss (excluding the lawsuit cost) to steer clear of the criticism. After the disastrous event, Niantic announced that they would refund all the ticket money, but that was not enough for the estimated 20,000 attendees, who had to bear the cost of hotels, transportation, etc. Thus, the gaming company was sued with the Pokemon Go fest lawsuit.

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