Malfunctioned Chinese Space Station Crashes Back To Earth

Malfunctioned Chinese Space Station Crashes Back To Earth
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

After a drama that has been going on for months about the malfunctioned Chinese space station Tiangong-1, the space laboratory has finally fallen back to Earth. Although most of it was burned up as it entered Earth’s atmosphere, the remains fell into the Pacific Ocean on the evening of April 1.

The news regarding the Chinese space station falling back to Earth was reported from China’s Manned Space (CMS) website as per the Chinese media outlet Xinhua. The site is a part of the Chinese government’s space agency. The report states that no injuries were reported after the laboratory crashed into the South Pacific Ocean. It’s worth mentioning that the laboratory is the size of a bus.

The report of the CMS has also been followed by other statements. According to the tweet of the U.S. Strategic Command’s Joint Force Space Component Command (JFSCC) the space laboratory has crashed and broken apart while it was entering Earth’s atmosphere over the Southern Pacific Ocean at 8:16 p.m. ET, on Sunday (00:16 GMT on Monday.)

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