Lyrid Meteor Shower To Light Up April Night Sky

Lyrid Meteor Shower To Light Up April Night Sky
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

People who love to stargaze are in for a treat, as this year’s Lyrid meteor shower is coming back to the night sky. This spectacular event is going to start on April 16, so everyone who follows such events can enjoy the show somewhere dark starting tonight.

According to NASA, Lyrids meteors are the oldest known to humanity, with scientists believing it was the first meteor shower that has ever been recorded and watched in 687 BC, roughly 2,700 years ago. Everyone who loves to catch meteor showers can watch it until April 25.

The Lyrid meteor shower is believed to originate from the debris that came off the comet G1 Thatcher. The comet was initially spotted on April 5, 1861 in New York by astronomer A.E. Thatcher. A few years later, in 1867, Gottfried Galle, a German astronomer, discovered that the Lyrid meteors and the comet are associated with each other.

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Every year, Earth passes through the debris that makes the Lyrids, located close to the constellation Lyra, between April 14 and April 30. If you look at the sky, you will see the emerging point of Lyrids located near Vega, considered one of the brightest stars at that time of the year