iOS 11.3 0day Bug Discovered By Security Researcher

iOS 11.3 0day Bug Discovered By Security Researcher
Image source: Min(Spark) Zheng, Twitter

The jailbreaking community was revitalized back near the end of 2017 after a key discovery gave developers the information they needed to start developing full jailbreaks for more modern operating systems. While we still always seem to be an update or two behind the most recent firmware, a team of talented developers is consistently gaining progress towards a jailbreak that coincides with the current software. An iOS 11.3 0day bug was recently discovered that may give us new hope for a potential full jailbreak for an operating system that only just released.

It’s important to state that this iOS 11.3 0day bug only gives us the potential for a new jailbreak. The new information gives developers insight into a flaw in the software, and will have to figure out some way in which they can manipulate that knowledge in order to give us the potential to fully unlock the device.

With that said, this new iOS 11.3 0day bug is a major step forward and a big win for the jailbreaking community. A recent tweet from Alibaba engineer Min Zheng has given the community new hope regarding the potential for a jailbreak that may actually coincide with the most recent release. Zheng has confirmed that Apple has failed to patch the iOS 11.3 0day bug as it moved on from pre-release, so the opportunity to jailbreak the device is ready and waiting.

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