Global Warming Massively Slows Down Currents In Atlantic Ocean

Global Warming Massively Slows Down Currents In Atlantic Ocean
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A new report suggests that the currents in the Atlantic Ocean are at the slowest pace they’ve been in 1000 years – largely due to the effects of global warming.

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Global warming has already had marked effects on our environment, and it appears as if these changes show no sign of slowing down. The currents in the Atlantic Ocean serve as a sort of conveyor belt, transporting water of different temperatures around the world in order to keep our oceans functioning as they should. The fact that the currents are being slowed so significantly is worrying, as it can lead to extreme climates in several areas around the world.

While this no doubt spells trouble for aquatic environments, it can also cause major trouble for us here on land – leading to harsher winters and more dangerous storms in the near future. The currents in the Atlantic Ocean – also known as the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) has continually wreaked throughout the 20th century by around 15 percent – coinciding the rise of global warming as human impact wreaks havoc on our planet’s environment.

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This is all due to the way AMOC functions. By bringing warm equatorial surface water back to the northern tundra and then carrying the cool water back to the equatorial belt, the Atlantic Ocean currents manage to keep temperatures somewhat regular throughout the area that it covers. By warming the tundra waters and cooling the waters at the equator, these currents manage to make the oceans much more docile – saving us from serious weather effects and harsh environments here on Earth. While the cooling of the currents might not be severe enough to cause major issues at this point in time, as the effects of global warming continue to increase, we could see more storms and other weather disasters as time goes on and our climates become more and more extreme.

Many are wondering how exactly global warming has contributed to a reduction in speed. It would make sense that the waters would heat up due to global warming, and that is indeed a problem, but the main issue with the Atlantic Ocean currents comes from the water’s density.

In order to allow warm water to move fast, it must be of a certain density. Because warm water is less dense, it moves to the surface of the ocean and flows freely. The issue arises when global warming causes ice to melt rapidly in Greenland and Arctic regions, actually making water much colder due to the icy freshwater entering the Atlantic Ocean and slowing the speed of the “conveyor belt” overall.

This influx of cold water due to global warming will mean climate regulation may not take place in the way that it should. We should see more extreme climates change. Bad weather is the least of our issues, with Europe soon seeing increasingly harsh winters and the East coast of the United States potentially starting to be covered in water as sea levels continue to rise.

The study that discovered the fact that the currents were slowing in the Atlantic Ocean due to the effects of global warming was carried out by a team of scientists from Germany in the UK, and serves as an update to a NASA report back in 2010 where the team found that the AMOC was not slowing down. This means that in the last 8 years, global warming has become such an issue that our climates could be irreparably damaged.

We’re already seeing the effects of global warming with the changing of seasons and the destruction of habitats for sensitive species around the world, and the problems will only get worse unless we take swift action to address problems like we’re seeing in the Atlantic Ocean and try to stave off the currently-inevitable destruction of our planet as we know it. While we currently aren’t in dire straits, future generations could be living in a world far different from the one we know today if we don’t pass further regulations to start reversing the effects of climate change.

The study, titled “Observed fingerprint of a weakening Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation” was published in the journal Nature.

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  1. Remember what I said a year ago. Please get an education and some intense therapy concerning denial. By the end of September 2019 you will be singing a very different tune. Go to and LEARN!

  2. “CO2 is a tiny fraction of the atmosphere”

    “Tiny” is not a scientific term…

    We’ve raised the amount of CO₂ from under 300PPM prior to the industrial revolution to over 400PPM today.

    If this isn’t going to be enough to melt the polar ice sheets completely, why isn’t there a single example in Earth’s history of polar ice sheets withstanding CO₂ so high?

    “Data from NASA’s GRACE satellites show that the land ice sheets in both Antarctica and Greenland have been losing mass”

    (NASA Global Climate Change, “Vital Signs of the Planet: Land Ice”)

  3. By the way, the “deniers” as we are called? We don’t fake information like NOAA does (gaming weather stations and culling out information that goes against their cooling mantra) and you can go to the Watt’s Up With That website and find the weather station auditing that proved the fix was in. Remember how Phil Jones and the IPCC/CRU crowd was faking their science and hiding declines in temperatures? Recall the fake hockey stick graph Michael Mann sent out that all the Global Warming Propagandists would hit us on the head with before the graph was proven to be incorrect and deliberately deceptive. Deliberate deceptions have been the Global Warming Propagandists weapon of choice but, please do not believe them. The lies will not head off the colder weather to come nor save the crops being destroyed by storms and snow and hail. Want a balanced view of climate? Try Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog. Check out Adapt 2030’s YouTubes or those of Oppenheimer Ranch Project or Ice Age Farmer.

    Warmists led California to require Methane-gathering backpacks for cows! They’d have us all shivering in blankets while windmill farms murder birds and freeze solid for the winter. Argh! Betcha Leonardo DeCapria keeps his house and vehicles and private jet fueled and warm 24/7!

  4. Excellent material! Even if we DID try to lower carbon output, India and China won’t and their output dwarfs ours…DiogenesDespairs is sadly uninformed. Every week we’ve seen another record snowfall or low temperature record while waiting for what is supposed to be Spring in the NH. Canadians are usually planting wheat now but with the ground frozen and snow-covered it is not going to happen.

    This year will be bad, but subsequent years look to be much worse as we are following the pattern of the Maunder Minimum from the 17th Century. That period of time is known as the “Little Ice Age’ and you see lots of paintings of snow-covered landscape and people skating on the Thames and the like from around that time. There was a time period from 1645 to 1715 when crops were much harder to grow due to the cold and the wilder weather associated with Solar inactivity and the possible reaction of the planet itself. Some believe that more earthquakes and volcanoes occur when the Sun is less active and this is what we see around the world right now.

    We were spoiled by the warmer-than-usual temperatures of the 20th Century that carried into the beginning of the 21st…but those days are gone! Ignore the Socialists and Globalists who want to use the threat of global warming as a weapon to dissolve national borders and bring about more totalitarian governments run by, of course, the progressive elites. Al Gore cries “Warmth!” but yet he lives in a huge mansion, drives big SUVs and flies by private jet. Hypocrites want to fool the public. Don’t be fooled! We are cooling and no amount of bloviation by greenies and crooked scientists can stop it…

  5. Nope! CO2 is a tiny fraction of the atmosphere and both increases and decreases (of the maybe .005% of atmosphere) follow the ups and downs of temperature, not in advance. Let’s not let the tail wag the dog! All the carbon gasses we can emit will not make up for the Solar Minimum we are now in…why do you think all the extra snow and hail storms are happening now? Arctic Sea ice is normal this year. The Antarctic is plenty cold and icey as well. But more snow around the globe and more albedo reflecting back sunlight along with the Sun’s lower activity are combining to cause snowstorms in the Sahara and kill off winter wheat in the Midwest and crops all over the planet. Southeast Asia just lost massive amounts of crops and fruit trees this week. The ocean didn’t “eat” the warmth, it isn’t there!

  6. Are you kidding?! We are in a global COOLING period now…the Sun is in a cool period as happens every hundred or so years, but this looks like the one-in-a-thousand-years Solar Minimum that will ruin harvests around the world and make life much harder for all. NASA and the NOAA are all in for the lies but in fact the Arctic Ice as at a normal total this year. We are seeing cold weather all over the planet with snow records being broken across the Northern Hemisphere. We are seeing crops being ruined North and South. Also, with the magnetosphere out of whack we get less protection from cosmic rays. Top that off with added tectonic events and volcanoes spewing extra gasses and particulates into the air and it will be cold, cold and colder for the next 15-20 years (hopefully not more than that but maybe). We cannot begin to emit enough carbon to make up for the colder weather we have to live with now, but at least no more of the faked global warming hysteria, okay? IPCC and CRU and the UN and Michael Mann and Al Gore are liars! Wake up and prepare for more cold and more expensive food going forward!

  7. “Did you even read the article?”

    Obviously not, and it’s curious to me that a spammer like Diogenes had his links approved.

    I would suggest we talk over misinformers like this. If they cannot or will not explain what they believe, there’s absolutely no reason to interact with them at all…

    “When compared to longer-term, ground-based surface temperature data, the rate of warming in the Arctic from 1981 to 2001 is eight times larger than the rate of Arctic warming over the last 100 years.”

    (NASA Earth Observatory, “Dwindling Arctic Ice, Evidence of Arctic warming”)

  8. This is the biggest and most immediate effect of our use of fossil fuel, and I don’t think anyone is prepared for it. When the last speck of ice in the Arctic sea disappears, this conveyor is going to shut off, and that’s due to happen in just a few more years at the current rate of decline.

    “The year 2017 finished out with an annually averaged sea ice volume that was the lowest on record”

    (University of Washington Polar Science Center, “PIOMAS Arctic Sea Ice Volume Reanalysis”)

  9. I intend to continue distributing this essay as long as it continues to be true and as long as carbon dioxide continues to be a policy issue. Odd, that you are such a devoted follower of it and yet seem unable to learn from it. Others who have seen it tell me they have.

  10. That’s exactly the same Gish Gallop you pasted in the Bombay Times three months ago, bit for bit identical. And it’s nearly the same as the one you pasted in The American Interest four years ago. One size fits all. Did you even read the article?

  11. I never “closed my mind to an alternative explanation” because of anyone’s claim of expertise. I reject alternative explanations for which there is no evidence and no mathematical expression. There’s plenty of evidence for the mainstream explanation of the warming of the last hundred years. There’s so much evidence for it, that if you want to prove that warming was caused by some “alternative explanation,” then you have to explain where all the energy went from forces we know were present, that should have caused that much warming. That is, I don’t care who says it, I care whether what they say adds up. And right now your “alternative explanation” isn’t adding up. It’s not the sun. It’s not the magnetic field or the rotating core. It’s mostly fossil fuels, and also really short sighted agricultural practices including deforestation.

  12. We skeptics also don’t close our minds to alternative explanations just because someone claiming to be an “expert” tells us to.

    Some people also try to lump deniers and skeptics together. They think that being skeptical of an explanation presented as revealed truth is tantamount to outright denial.

    Now, back to the first question in my post that you didn’t answer.

  13. “Do you know anything about electricity or electric motors?”
    A little bit. I hold a BSEE, and I’ve solved antenna and transmission line design and electromagnetic interference problems under pressure. The solution to a related problem yielded my only US patent. I’ve also repaired and rebuilt several electric motors in my time. How about you?

    One big difference between skeptics and deniers is clear. Skeptics understand and respect expertise other than our own. That includes the expertise of climate scientists. Deniers pretend there’s nothing to be expert about, anybody can understand it all the way down.

  14. The earth’s magnetic field is generated by rotation of the core. For reasons unknown to us, this field periodically collapses, the poles reverse, and the field builds up. This (strangely) has no effect on life or global temperatures. The temperature differential poles-tropics is a function of the global heat budget. The poles have heated a lot more than they should, hence our wacky weather.
    The AMOC/Gulf Stream system is sensitive to salinity changes. Greenland melting has destabilised this also.

  15. But what do you think is actually causing that decreasing temperature difference? How do you know it has nothing to do with the rotation of the earth’s core or the potential magnetic pole flip? Do you even know what causes the planet’s magnetic field or how that field affects life on this tiny blue marble drifting in space? Do you know anything about electricity or electric motors? Do you know anything about friction between moving masses?

  16. Mainstream science says the temperature difference between the Arctic and the tropics is getting smaller as the Arctic warms up. Mainstream science says that temperature difference provides the energy that drives the current. It’s got nothing to do with the magma or the magnetic poles. If you have evidence otherwise, lay it out. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean nobody knows.

  17. This may be what’s causing climate change more than atmospheric carbon or anything else that’s man-made.

    I wonder how this relates to earth’s shifting gravitational fields that was recently reported. I’ve seen some reports that say earth’s magnetic poles are about to flip as they’ve done several times in the planet’s history. That could slow the rotation of the magma core and cause all kinds of strange effects.

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