Easy Fixes For Some Common But Annoying Fortnite Problems

Easy Fixes For Some Common But Annoying Fortnite Problems
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Fortnite Battle Royale has been one of the most sought after titles this year. While PUBG pioneered the Battle Royale mode, offering a hunger games style experience to the players, it was Fortnite which outsmarted others to become the preferred title. However, the gaming experience has not been smooth for all Fortnite players, thanks to a few Fortnite problems on the technical side.

Most of the times, one can fix these Fortnite problems without having to reach out to customer support. Some of the fixes are real simple and require only a little effort from the players.

One of the most common Fortnite problems that fans have come across was getting error messages or they were just unable to connect with the Battle Royale mode. While on rare occasions, it is the Fortnite servers, other times the problem could be with the connection or the installation. So, be sure to check it out. Recently fans faced Battle Royale server issues after the big update, but it was soon rectified. However, there are still some reports of crashes since the Fortnite V3.5 update.

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To be sure, if the issue is on the server side, one can check on the Epic Games Status page. The page will inform users if any of the servers are down, or if there are any other Fortnite problems or fixes available.

Talking of other Fortnite problems, one issue that users often have come across is the Error 0. This glitch restricts the player from matchmaking. The prompt on the screen reads, “Please restart your client, error 0.” Though the issues might sound complex, the fix for this is relatively simple. A player needs to Open the Start Menu of Windows>Type cmd in the search box>Right click on cmd and choose Open as Administrator>Paste sfc /scannow and let the scan complete and then restart the computer.

Once the scan is complete, the game should be back in action. But, if it does not work try re-installing the game. If the issue still remains, it is time to call Epic Games for help.

Another annoying issue is server lag. It is one of those Fortnite problems that occur several times throughout the game, specifically in the early stages and around the popular locations such as the Tilted Towers. At times, right when the player lands, the screen freezes for a few seconds or when the player would be raining bullets, the lag spike would completely disorient the situation.

It is not that Epic Games has not tried to develop fixes for the issues. But, those fixes have proved useless as the issue still exists and gets more severe when the servers are under higher pressure due to an increase in player volume. Epic Games has claimed to have taken care of the issue with the release of the v3.4.0 update, which was launched towards the end of March.

Gun Glitch has been yet another Fortnite problem posing a great disadvantage for the players as they face the enemy without a gun in hand and unable to switch between the weapons. The issue occurs when the player switches from building or using their pickaxe, to their weapons. One can easily fix the problem by switching back to the pickaxe and then back to the weapon. Though the fix would let you continue with the game, the player stands at risk of losing the battle, or even end up dead in the middle of the game.

Yet another Fortnite problem is that of V-Bucks. If a player has purchased V-Bucks in the game, but does not get them, it is time to contact the store that sold them or email the support team. To get a refund visit this link. However, it must be noted that V-Bucks does not support transfer between systems even if you have the accounts linked.

Apart from these common-to-all issues, there could also be unique Fortnite problems depending on the console in action. For instance, PS4 has its own set of Fortnite problems, but as always there are fixes in place. The same holds true for the Xbox, where easy fixes are available for exclusive problems.

For instance, if someone is facing an issue in running the game on the PS4, then start with clearing the PS4 cache. If that doesn’t work, deleting the game entirely and reinstalling is the only option. It would not take away the progress as it is saved in the account. To begin from where the player left off, account credentials would be required. Although, the fix does not sound like a quick one, there is no other solution for now.

Similarly, the same action should be performed for the issue on the Xbox. If clearing the cache and unplugging the system fails, the players should also check the My Games & Apps, and scroll down to check if any update is pending.

Fortnite has surely swept the gaming world with millions joining the battle royale to be the last man standing. However, problems and bugs have not quite left the game and persist one way or other. While some have gotten fixes, and some can be fixed using the above mentioned fixes, others, unfortunately, are still lurking behind, leaving players short of solutions. We can only hope that Epic is trying its best to come up with fixes as the popularity of the game is only increasing with time.

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