Ten Signs You Are A Bitcoin Addict

See video and informal transcript of this short one minute Bitcoin crypto parody piece below – thankfully have not met anyone who has even close to all ten of these but we know a few who have one or more of them – do you? See the ten point checklist below

Here are the Top 10 Reasons You Might Be A bitcoin addict

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. Number 10 you change your cat’s name to Satoshi

Number nine  You consider yourself an astronaut but only when it comes to moonshots.

Number eight the only wallet’s you ever made of paper and hardware.

Number 7 when anyone asks for your retirement plan you simply reply hodll Baby

Number Six when you get a bill in the mail you think what’s a check and how do I send it.

Number five you think cash is the name of a country singer.

Number four you think John McAfee should run for president in 2020.

Number three you have life size statues of the Winklevoss twins in your living room.

Number two the tattoo on your forehead says blockchain.

And number one your bank thinks you’re broke but Coinbase knows about that island you just bought.

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