Consultants, Investors Keen On All Cap Equity In January

Consultants, Investors Keen On All Cap Equity In January
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What investment products and geographies piqued eVestment users’ interest in January? Changes in viewership of asset management firms, their products and geographic focuses can be driven by changing investor demand; positive or negative company news; company marketing initiatives; global or local economic or political events; or other factors. Reviewing this data on its own tells a high-level story of what investors and consultants were interested in during the past month and comparing this data to world and corporate events can offer a unique insight into institutional investors’ concern about these events.

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The Advantage investment viewership data is generated through the eVestment Advantage solution and based on tracking daily eVestment user reviews of investment universes and products on eVestment. The report looks at Global, United States, United Kingdom, Europe ex-U.K., Asia-Pacific, Canada and Africa-Middle East profile viewership activity among the institutional investors and consultants who use eVestment. The report looks at the most viewed products and universes overall for the past month and the universes and products that saw the most month-over-month growth in views on the site.

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Some interesting points from the latest data include:

  • Global consultants and investors became further entranced by all cap equity universes. Half of January’s top 20 universes by average reviews per product were geographical iterations of all cap strategies, including those focused on Global, Global Emerging Markets, EAFE, and ACWI ex-US regions. The top three universes were Global EMG All Cap Growth, ACWI-ex US All Cap Growth, and EAFE All Cap Value.
  • There was a significant shakeup in January with 12 new entrants to the global top reviewed products list, including two strategies from Artisan Partners Limited Partnership (Artisan Global Value and Artisan Global Opportunities), which are All Cap Value and All Cap Growth products. The No. 2 most viewed strategy on January’s list, RWC Partners Ltd: RWC Emerging Markets Equity, made huge strides given its 102nd place tie in reviews in December 2017.
  • Equity strategies were once again the most numerous among the top reviewed products lists by client regions. Consultants and institutional investors in Africa/Middle East (AfrME) and Europe ex-UK however, showed a greater willingness to look at other asset classes as well: 25% of the top reviewed products by AfrME clients were fixed income, while 40% of those reviewed by Europe ex-UK clients were fixed income or hedge fund.
  • For APAC investors and consultants, January’s top reviewed list featured not a single product from last month’s list, and only 11 of the current top 20 strategies are focused on global or global emerging markets compared to 18 of 20 last month.

To take a deeper dive into the full data, please click here.

Article by Mark Scott, eVestment

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