Will SpaceX Lose Out To Economical Space Travel?

Will SpaceX Lose Out To Economical Space Travel?
Image source: Elon Musk/Twitter

Although the private space industry is starting to fill the gaps where government agencies like NASA are failing, there’s no doubt that these space expeditions are incredibly expensive. A company like SpaceX has a huge amount of funding at their disposal, but are their “Falcon Heavy” rockets capable of economical space travel that makes sense in a commercial market?

Elon Musk has dreams of landing humans on Mars, but that’s currently unattainable given our limits in technology as well as health concerns for astronauts on such a long journey. While Mars is a lofty goal, more and more companies are launching missions into space, and a number of startups hope that cheap rockets may soon be able to provide economical space travel and on-demand access to orbit.

While SpaceX and Boeing are perhaps the biggest corporations involved in space travel outside of governmental agencies, there are a number of smaller outfits such as Vector Launch, Virgin Orbit, and Rocket Lab that hope to capitalize on a growing demand for economical space travel that can suit the needs of a wider market.

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