Scientists Made Self-Healing Electronic Skin For Robots

Scientists Made Self-Healing Electronic Skin For Robots
simisi1 / Pixabay

Scientists and engineers around the world are working hard to enhance biomedicine. Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder took a step forward when they made self-healing electronic skin, better known as e-skin for short. According to the scientists, in the future, e-skin should help robots feel pressure and temperature, and also help the amputees themselves feel it.

“What is unique here is that the chemical bonding of polyimine we use allows the e-skin to be both self-healing and fully recyclable at room temperature,” Jianliang Xiao, mechanical engineer at Boulder and lead author of the study said in a statement. “Given the millions of tons of electronic waste generated worldwide every year, the recyclability of our e-skin makes good economic and environmental sense.”

The e-skin is made out of thin, semi-transparent material. It acts similar to the human skin by sensing and measuring temperature, pressure, humid