Sands On Coral Reefs Dissolve Due To Ocean’s Acidity

Sands On Coral Reefs Dissolve Due To Ocean’s Acidity
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Research recently published in Science shows that the Carbonate sands on coral reefs will start dissolving within 30 years as the oceans become more and more acidic.

The sands on coral reefs accumulate over thousands of years from the breakdown of both coral and other organisms that call the reef home. These sands on coral reefs form the backbone of both the reefs and environments around it – home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world.

As climate change continues to be a major problem around the world, the reefs are being threatened more and more each year. The sands on coral reefs are an integral part of building and maintaining this rich environment, and the acidic conditions could continue to wear away at this integral part of this ecological marvel.

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