Microsoft Surface Book 2 Price Reduced

Earlier today, Microsoft introduced a new Surface Laptop that brought the pricing of the line down, and the Surface Book 2 price has now been lowered as well.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Price

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Surface Book 2 Price

Despite the fact that it released just a few months ago, the new Surface Book 2 price has been reduced to $1199 for the 13.5-inch version. Microsoft’s hybrid laptop features an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage that should suit the needs of most users just fine. For comparison, the cheapest Surface Book 2 price previously was $1499 with 256GB of storage, so it’s clear that the reduction in price was made possible by the reduction in hard drive space.

Microsoft has intended for their Surface line to compete with laptops and tablets from Apple for the attention of the creative market. For quite some time, professional photographers and video editors have generally turned to Apple products due to the ease of use with the MacOS as well as the excellent programs and power. With the reduction of the Surface Book 2 price, the computer should be accessible to more users – making it a more attractive option when trying to compete with the market dominance of Apple.

However, with the reduction in size for the hard drive, it’s possible that users will have to purchase external storage to store their content, which detracts from the appeal of the portability and adaptability that Microsoft has been playing up. Despite the reduction in the Surface Book 2 price, the company may still have trouble convincing users that their laptop is the superior product – especially considering how established Apple is in the creative sector.

No changes in Surface Book 2 price are planned for the 15-inch model, but the line of laptops is being made available in more countries as time goes on. With the price reductions, areas of the world where people have fewer resources may be able to buy the laptop, although the Surface Book 2 price still puts it solidly in the high-end market.

Troubling Sales

The reduction in Surface Book 2 price comes just a few days after Microsoft revealed that the revenue for their Surface line had only increased 1 percent when compared to the previous year over the holiday season – a minuscule amount of growth that no doubt has the company concerned. With the expensive price tag, the Surface has been a tough sell for budget buyers and hasn’t offered anything novel enough to set it apart from the Apple products their intended market is so used to. The revelation of the lack of Surface 2 profit increases is especially surprising, considering that the company revamped their Surface Pro back in 2017 and had launched the new Surface Laptop. With their most recent Surface Book 2 launched midway through the quarter, there’s still a potential for significant sales, but the Surface Book 2 price reduction may serve to sweeten the deal for potential buyers.

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