Galaxy Note 8 S Pen Cancer Rumor Totally Debunked

Galaxy Note 8 S Pen Cancer Rumor Totally Debunked
Image source: Samsung

While the thought of a Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer risk seems ridiculous to even suggest, there was a rumor going around the web about the alleged carcinogenic effects of the device. The Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer rumors have since been totally debunked.

Galaxy Note 8 S Pen Cancer Rumor

Although the idea of a phone accessory giving users cancers seems a little far-fetched, scaremongering videos and media outlets have given the impression that the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer risk is actually real. The video suggested that the S Pen could potentially cause cancer due to radiation generated from electric signals as the stylus comes into contact with the phone’s display.

A number of Android enthusiasts have since taken to online forums to help debunk this dangerous Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer rumor, hoping to negate some of the effects of a video that was quickly gaining traction. Rumors such as these, while clearly not credible to the majority of viewers, do have the potential to do damage to a company’s sales. Quickly debunking the idea is a priority both for Samsung and fans of the brand who want it to succeed.

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Android Central reports that one particular user – with the username D13H4D2L1V3 – was particularly critical of the video, stating that while the S Pen does generate radiation, the radiation is of the non-ionizing variety that doesn’t have any adverse effects in humans.

Many people’s first thought when the word “radiation” comes up is to associate it with birth defects and other horrible health issues, but those sort of effects are only from exposure to specific kinds of ionizing radiation that the World Health Organization reports can charge the atoms in our cells and create all sorts of nasty effects.

The Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer risk is no higher than any other phone, as the radiation it gives off causes no known damage to humans.

The Importance of Fact-Checking

Although this sort of rumor definitely has the potential to affect sales, Statista reports that the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to exceed 2.5 billion by the end of 2019. This large number suggests that the majority of people put their trust in these devices, and that most of Samsung’s user base won’t be concerned in the least with these Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer rumors. However, in the interest of promoting accurate information and protecting the brand from scaremongering, it’s important to point out the flaws in these statements.

For those who were worried about a Galaxy Note 8 S Pen cancer risk, you can rest assured that the phone won’t cause you any issues. Keep in mind the importance of fact-checking any claims that may cause panic, as many times the issue is blown up far bigger than it is in actuality. In this particular case, the rumor has no foundation at all. Whether it was to get more views or actively promote misinformation for other reasons, the video and outlets in question gave an inaccurate representation of the phone’s risk.

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