10 Cities Around the World in a Split Second

Experience 10 Major Business Cities in a Split Second

Travelling as part of your job can be a great advantage. Take the glamour of flying business class, add that fresh reboot feeling of waking up in a hotel without the trials of home life to worry about, and a new cast of culturally diverse clients and colleagues to meet – it’s a recipe for inspiration and productivity.

But all too often, the trip home is accompanied by regret at not having had a chance to properly explore the city that you visited. There’s so much to see in those bustling metropolises – who knows where to start?

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The people at The Big Domain put together this stunning series of multiple-exposure photos to illustrate how the experience of business cities around the globe can be captured in an instant – if you just know where to look!

New York City (USA)

NYC is famous for a lot of things – and big business is one of them. Even start-ups and indies thrive here, with the city becoming number one for small businesses in the States in 2017. A work trip might not leave you with time to see the sights but grab a coffee in Greenwich Village and a yellow cab to your big meeting and you’ll soon start to feel like a local.  See more below from The Big Domain.


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Istanbul (Turkey)

Turkey’s capital is where east meets west, and it takes the most culturally sensitive of entrepreneurs to negotiate the nuances of business etiquette and lifestyle in Istanbul. Arrive a day early to wander the streets and bazaars, and you’ll have a wonderful experience – and a much smarter idea of how to proceed.

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Tokyo (Japan)

The pace can be pretty fast when you’re in Tokyo for a meeting. Luckily, Japanese culture is as much about mindfulness and reflection as it is about hard work and innovation: if you find yourself with some free time, head to a temple or shrine to reestablish a sense of your place in things.

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Moscow (Russia)

Russian culture remains an enigma to much of the outside world, and if you find the business practices inscrutable you may discover more insight by immersing yourself in the capital’s epic, historic art scene – from the galleries and ballet to the extraordinary architecture and monuments.

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Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico City is big. And the bigger a population, the greater the opportunity for chaos and creativity. If you’re new to the city, you can take it a step at a time by retreating from the street into a quiet cantina for a drink, a chat, and an insider’s view into what to do next.

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Cairo (Egypt)

Cairo is the biggest metropolitan area in the Middle East, and its growth has been fuelled by centuries of Arabic, Mediterranean, and African trade. Balance your time between the bustle of street and market life and the peace and astonishing scale of the historic sights beyond the city’s edges, and you’ll find yourself well-equipped to excel in the boardroom.


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Hong Kong (China)

Like many of the world’s big business cities, Hong Kong thrives on the creative tension between east and west, big bucks, alternative economies, and tradition. A ride through the city on a double-decker tram is an instant eye-opener, and if you find yourself with a full day off then a trip to the mountains is an absolute must.

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Sydney (Australia)

It seems a shame to travel all that way and deprive yourself of a trip to perhaps the most famous beach in the world. Australians are a no-nonsense bunch when it comes to business, so be honest about your desires and you can probably be accommodated!

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Delhi (India)

Delhi is a fast-modernizing area of a fast-modernizing business nation. Visit for work, and you may find yourself rushed from meeting to meeting, with barely a bite of delicious street food to keep you going. Spending a bit of time in the historic walled area of Old Delhi, however, can help you keep your feet on the ground.

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London (England)

There’s never nothing to do in London. Whether it’s the wealth and history of the parliament buildings, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, or the underground scenes of the East End and Camden Town, you’ll find plenty to your taste – and plenty more to surprise you.

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You’d better clear your smart phone – there are a lot of sights to photograph in the business cities of the world –  Credit: The Big domain!