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LG G7 Release Date ‘Right On Schedule’

Recent information from LG suggests that the LG G7 release date is right on track and that the specific window for launch is currently under consideration. The smartphone was expected to launch at the 2018 Mobile World Congress, but several reports had given the impression that the date has been delayed.

Trouble For LG

The 2018 Mobile World Congress is expected to be the event where several new phones are announced and launched, and it was previously expected that the LG G7 would be one of them. However, recent information suggests that the LG G7 release date has been delayed to iron out some issues with the upcoming phone.

It’s important that the LG G7 release date comes with a phone that can impress a jaded smartphone market, as LG is struggling to recover from years of losses from their mobile division. While LG is innovating and seeing great success in other areas of electronics with the world’s first 8K TV and a more affordable 4K projector, their smartphones have struggled to perform in a market dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple. The mobile division has underperformed to the point that the company was considering ditching the G line altogether, with rumors that the company was seeking to distance itself from the moniker after some less-than-impressive sales. It appears as if they’re giving it one last go with the LG G7 while shaking up leadership in hopes that his guidance will guide the company’s smartphone division to renewed success.

NDTV reports that LG CEO and Vice-Chairman Jo Seong-jin may have ordered a revision ahead of the LG G7 release date, aiming to review the product – with some saying even to start over from scratch. Another report suggests that the G7 team was ordered to halt recent work related to the phone’s development.

Right On Schedule

LG Electronics has since denied the rumors regarding the pushback of the release date, telling Engadget that “Some stories have reported that LG’s mobile division is delaying the release of the G7 in order to re-evaluate its performance and design. This is inaccurate. Preparations for the launch of the G6’s successor are on schedule.” The spokesperson for the company had also suggested that LG has plans to focus on introducing innovating new products rather than launching phones based off of tradition or industry expectations. The majority of smartphone manufacturers stick to a yearly release date, but it’s possible that LG could see great success by taking a little bit longer with their devices and releasing something that is sure to impress the market. The LG G7 release date will happen “when the time is right,” with Seong-jin previously stating that “we will not launch it (LG G7) just because other rivals do.”

While reports may have suggested that the LG G7 release date will be pushed back, it appears that LG is right on track for a release later this year. While there’s no word currently on a release window, it appears that LG is taking the time to ensure that the G7 will be a significant improvement over the failed G6.