China Wants To Send Seeds And Insects To The Moon

China Wants To Send Seeds And Insects To The Moon
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

China seems to want to prevail over other countries when it comes to space missions. The country wants to conduct several missions in 2018, and some of them include a pair of lunar missions which include landing on the far side of the moon. The missions are known as Chang’e 4, and plan to start to launch in June, which would carry a relay satellite, but besides that there will be a container filled with seeds and insects to the moon.

The relay satellite weighs 937 pounds and would be placed 37,000 miles on the other side of the moon. That way, communication would be established between the Earth and the moon’s far side. To safely land on the side of the moon that hasn’t yet been explored, guidance by the satellite would be provided.

As mentioned, besides the equipment which will be used for studying the geological conditions of the moon’s far side, there will be a container which is filled with seeds and insects. The container is made of aluminum alloy and should demonstrate the growing process of plants and animals on the moon.

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