In A Shocking Announcement Trump Declares Jerusalem As The Capital of Israel

In A Shocking Announcement Trump Declares Jerusalem As The Capital of Israel
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Donald Trump makes the highly anticipated announcement about the move related to the future US Jerusalem Embassy and US policy in the region right now. The news took many by surprise since many prior Presidents had made the same vow but would always sign the six-month waiver to delay the move. For better or worse, this is a bombshell announcement and could have ramifications for the entire middle east.

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For the past week speculations have varied over whether or not President Trump would make good on one of his key campaign promises.

As a candidate, President Trump promised time and time again that his administration would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and eventually move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where the Knesset, the parliament of Israel, sits.

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After much media back-and-forth, President Trump expected to announce later today plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, which would make the United States the only country to host their embassy in the Middle East’s most contested real estate.

The Palestinian authority claims East Jerusalem as their capital, although their administrative center is located in the West Bank city of Ramallah, while Israelis claim the entire city of Jerusalem as their capital, following Israel’s military victory in the Six Day War in 1967, which saw Israel seize control of East Jerusalem from neighboring Jordan.

In order to execute the move, a new embassy must be built in Jerusalem, which is expected to take at least three years.

The process of moving the embassy to Jerusalem actually began in 1995, when Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act. Although the law was meant to move the embassy to Jerusalem by 1999, the act allows the president to sign a waiver which would delay the embassy move for six months, on the grounds of national security concerns. Each president since Bill Clinton has put off the move every six months of his presidency.

The moving of US embassy to Jerusalem

Republican presidential candidates have consistently promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Two former presidential candidates, Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz cosponsored a bill with Senator Dean Heller earlier this year called the “Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act.”

Despite the fact that Jewish Americans tend to vote Democrat, an American embassy in  Jerusalem has long been a Republican party platform. The official 2016 party platform announced at last summer’s National Convention explains:

Like America, the modern state of Israel is a country born from the aspiration for freedom and stands out among the nations as a beacon of democracy and humanity. Beyond our mutual strategic interests, Israel is likewise an exceptional country that shares our most essential values… Therefore, support for Israel is an expression of Americanism… We recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state and call for the American embassy to move there in fulfillment of U.S. law.

US Embassy Move To Jerusalem
By US Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
While the statement draws connections between American patriotism and the support for Israel, pro-Israel rhetoric generally appeals most to the Evangelical vote, an all too important demographic that can make or break Republican presidential hopefuls.

Many Evangelicals see the rebirth of the Jewish state and Israel’s subsequent military and economic success as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, while literal biblical interpretation holds that the Jewish people are the Chosen People of God. Evangelicals imagine a divine connection between the Chosen People and followers of Christ, who is believed to have been Jewish. With the United States seemingly becoming more secular, Evangelicals increasingly feel marginalized, leading many to draw connections between the persecution of the Jewish people and their own perceived alienation.

Conversely, the Catholic leader, Pope Francis has expressed his concern over the announcement, calling for the “status quo” of the city to be respected. The most holy site in Catholicism, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which marks the place where Catholics believe Jesus was killed and buried, is located in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Fallout

The political fallout of the announcement is uncertain, but protests in Gaza have seen activists burning American and Israeli flags in response to the news, while protesters in Bethlehem burned images of President Trump. Political analysts and Arab leaders have predicted a violent response to the announcement. Al Jazeera reports that Palestinian leaders have called for “three days of rage” in response to the US President’s decision.

Trump is said to have contacted the leaders of Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt to inform them of his decision. While each respective leader issued warnings to the US President, Turkish President Erdogan went so far as to publically state that if the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem, Turkey may suspend diplomatic relations with Israel. Erdogan met with King Abdullah of Jordan earlier today to discuss the move. Erdogan insisted that the status of Jerusalem is protected by the UN and the embassy move would serve only to empower terrorist organizations.

Inflammatory language is, unsurprisingly, coming from Iran. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted in response:

It is out of despair & debility that they want to declare #AlQuds as capital of the Zionist regime… Victory belongs to Islamic Ummah. Palestine will be free, Palestinian nation will achieve victory.

The embassy move may alienate the US in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. While the Trump administration would like to serve as a peace broker between the two parties, it’s likely that Palestine will now reject America’s role. Al Jazeera quotes Hamas leader Ismail Haniya as saying:

This decision is an uncalculated gamble that will know no limit to the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim reaction… This decision means the official announcement of the end of the peace process.

The move could also serve to isolate the US from other allies in the region. King Salman of Saudi Arabia, reportedly warned President Trump of potential “negative consequences.”

Palestinian officials have asserted that they will challenge the move at the UN, claiming that it violates international law. The Trump administration has taken on a borderline antagonistic relationship with the UN, often related to the UN’s treatment of Israel. Recently, the US removed itself from the UN’s global compact on migration, saying Americans should choose their own migration policy. In October, the US also pulled out of Unesco, the cultural heritage branch of the UN, pointing towards Unesco’s “continuing anti-Israel bias.”

The Arab League, comprising of representatives from 22 Muslim majority countries in Africa and the Middle East, plans on hosting an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the potential Jerusalem embassy.

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  1. In June Congress voted to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 90-0, including Diane Fienstein who now is criticzing this.

  2. I sure hope it brings peace. Have the Christians forgotten “Give us Barabbas!”, The Jews demanded Barabbas like Trump in exchange for Jesus.

  3. Who but a fool could call this “shocking?” The legislature, supreme court and president’s house are in JLem. Moving the embassy has been the law since Clinton signed it in 1995. Israel is peaceful, except for the attacks coming from Hamas.

  4. This is just further proof that Israel is an American colony and its Middle East foothold of American imperialism. Fault Trump, sure, but fault those who went before him as well. This is just one more egregious step.

  5. Actually, the Jerusalem Embassy Act became Public Law 104-45 on October 23, 1995 by an overwhelming majority. The Senate passed the bill 93 to 5, with 4 Republicans and 1 Democrat voting against the bill. The House passed the bill 374-37 with 134 Democrats supporting the bill. President Clinton refused to sign the bill, which meant that it became law automatically after 10 calendar days (excluding Sundays) while Congress was in session.

  6. you as a Canadian [born where?] living in the US see little.
    i was born in the USA and livd here for decades and Americans are in no way the Jew-Haters you defame then as

  7. I appreciate the explanation of the Evangelical voters unconditional support of Israel. Most just refuse to acknowledge it. But it’s like you started explaining it, then stopped before the punch line. Evangelicals support Israel unconditionally, and despite whatever Israel may be doing to disrupt the peace, because……they want israel and the Muslims to kick off the great war, to end all wars, and bring about the end times…..or whatever they want to call it. That’s why they continually poke a stick at the peace process…..they want the end times war, so Jesus will come back. Yep….that’s the kind of thinking driving these politics. It’s what it’s always been about with these Evangelicals…..they need Israel to bring Jesus back.

  8. This is wrong. And the Congress of America should be returned to the will of the people — not the Israeli LOBBYISTS. Here is the TRUTH.
    As a Canadian living in America, i can tell you the average American does NOT SUPPORT this. Palestinians are human-beings too, not animals, (as minorities are treated in Israel whether Black or Muslim etc).
    Israel is for Israel. Big majority of Americans clearly see that Israel has used the USA long enough now. Other races and religions are considered animals and garbage. NONE of this is what Americans believe in.
    (notwithstanding the powerful influence Israel has had over Congress for decades).

  9. The announcement ITSELF was a shock because every president says they will do
    that and never does – hence the title and as explained in the first paragraph – we are apolitical but the two people who wrote the
    article lived there and are far from left wing


    All should know the History of Islam. Founded by their prophet who led Military Campaigns almost from the beginning around 650 A.D. Consolidated itself in Saudi Arabia then aggressively pushed out & conquered the whole of North Africa.

    By around 700 A.D. they had taken all of Spain and were pushing into the heart of Europe (Southern France.). They were decisively stopped at the Battle of Poitiers by the French King Charles Martel “the hammer” in 732A.D.

    This is the True Origin of the Crusades. It began with islamic aggression against the West! This is the True “Religion of Peace”.



  12. Shocking, yes, yes. The truth often is.

    Jerusalem is in fact the capital of Israel and if some Arabs who’ve made zero attempt at peace don’t like it, too bad.

  13. Israel stole nuclear material from the M.U.M.E.C plant in Pennsylvania ,hundred of pounds of fissionable uranium from the Apollo facility , this has been used by Israel in fabricating enriched uranium in Dimona and gave them the their nuclear arsenal. Then we have the U.S.S Liberty they killed U.S navy men and Washington cooperated in quelling any public outcry .They pay some restitution thanks to senator Stevenson but the next year the U.S government increase there aid and the jewish lobby got Stevenson out of office. Did, Israel know about 9/11 , did the U.S deport dancing Jews watching the twin towers come down , was James Jesus Angleton a friend of Israel ,does the Mossad spy on us ? FDR help England before 1942 when we were neutral maybe we can’t be and Trump is correct in helping Israel

  14. The headline calls it a “shocking announcement” then in the first sentence it says “Donald Trump makes the highly anticipated announcement”. It sounds like someone doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “shocking”. He said he was going to do it a year ago and now he did it. There’s nothing shocking about it.

  15. Barack Obama, 2008:

    “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it Must Remain Undivided”

    Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Go to Youtube, and search for RkxtErunF3Q (the identifier for the 8 second video where Obama says the above sentence word for word)

  16. “The Arab League, comprising of representatives from 22 Muslim majority countries in Africa and the Middle East, plans on hosting an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the potential Jerusalem embassy.”

    Would that be the same “Palestinian loving” Arab League that passed Arab League Resolution 1547 in 1959, which prohibits Arab countries from giving citizenship to Palestinians?

    In Lebanon, for example, not only are Palestinians refused citizenship no matter how many gernerations of their family have live in Lebanon, they are forbidden to own land, or to practice over 30 different professions, including law and medicine.

  17. Westerners stole Arab land? Obviously you didn’t read too much history and didn’t pay any attention. The mohammedan jihadists Arabs stole Jewish land when they invaded and started trying to conquer the world in the 680’s and now the Jews have reclaimed what was theirs.

  18. Shocking? It was supposed to be done in 1995 when out congress voted overwhelmingly to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and now finally we have a president who keeps a campaign promise and follows through and it is “shocking.”

  19. Big Wins!

    All garbage to 75% of the population.

    – Trump reduced federally protected land- STUPID MOVE
    – Gor-suck – Could only get confirmed by changing Senate rules
    – Tax Heist- Have fun paying more taxes chump!

    WORST President in US History.

  20. Travel ban that is only 6 countries and excludes Saudi Arabia. Yea real win on that one!
    Trump talked tough on the campaign and continues to talk and do little to nothing. When he does do something it is far less serious than what he campaigned on. Not a fan of Mitt Romney but he was right when he warned that Trump is a fake and a fraud. I can’t believe people still think he’s what he ran on.

  21. Donald Trump is focusing too much on benefitting other nations. He has done little on what he campaigned on and when he does it is usually watered down. His blind supporters will see discover this when he’s out of office just as many Republicans learned about Bush’s failed presidency after the fact.

  22. Additionally, Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel. Saying it isn’t is like editing truth to appease those living in denial.

  23. What’s shocking? He said he would do in his campaign and its been purposely leaked for a week or so that he was going to announce the move for a week or so. Tired of sensationalist headlines.

  24. Had to change the rules to get SC justice through. Tax plan not the law yet. No border wall. Obamacare still the law. The UK does not even want this clown on their soil. hehe.

  25. Um, restricted travel plan: check
    — More strict border controls: check
    — New Conservative Supreme Court Justice: check
    — Revised Tax Plan: check
    — Reduce federally protected lands in favor of state control: check

    Hmmm, yeah, he’s not getting anything he wanted… hehe.

  26. This is going nowhere like all of Trump’s other empty pronouncements. Most Americans do not support this announcement or move. All of the major monotheistic religions claim that Jerusalem belongs to them, however there is no historical validity to any of the claims. If viewed from the perspective of historical evidence, the land clearly belongs to the Arab people. If you didn’t want hundreds of years of conflict in the Middle East, Westerners should not have stolen Arab lands by force. Americans did the same thing with the Native Americans in the USA. Through genocide, war, and disease, white Europeans stole America from the natives and regardless of how you look at it…it is morally wrong. Do the research and see for yourself. The memes we were brainwashed with from birth are simply not true.

  27. Trump just did what the Democrats wanted (Schumer led). What strange bedfellows.

    Still, this threatens the peace process? Of course not. This has been a neverending failure so nothing to threaten.

    Maybe this can “jolt” the system and add some urgency to a lasting peace deal.

    Something has to change.

  28. There’s nothing shocking about it. If it’s stupid, and it’s a bad idea, and it will get people to stop talking about Russia for a day or two, he’s doing it, hands down.

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