Nintendo eShop Down, Ruining Christmas For New Switch Owners

Nintendo eShop Down, Ruining Christmas For New Switch Owners
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Nintendo eShop servers are down just ahead of the onset of the new year, causing disappointment to the new Switch owners, who are hopping around the eShop to download new games. Given the massive demand for the Nintendo Switch, it is no wonder that the online platform has gone for a toss.

Nintendo eShop facing connection issues

Once a user tries to get into the Nintendo eShop, an error dubbed as 2813-0009 flashes on the screen, according to VentureBeat. For now, there is no word on what has led to the breakdown. But, the massive load on the network, given the growing popularity of the Switch console, appears to be a probable reason.

Nintendo, on its part, has acknowledged the issue, and has assured they will resolve the issue soon. However, the Japanese game maker did not give any timeline for fixing the issue and restoring their eShop. For now, the players will have to manage with whatever comes pre-downloaded with the console.

Christmas Day usually witnesses one of the heaviest traffic days for all the gaming services. On this particular day, hardware sales shoot up, leading to new systems coming online. Not just Nintendo eShop, but Sony’s online dashboard is also facing similar issues.

Sony also has acknowledged the issue, and tweeted that it is, “aware that some users are having issues redeeming vouchers on PSN.”

Users, however, are facing other issues also and not just redemption of vouchers. Some of the users stated that they are facing glitches in using the online service as a whole.

Fans will be hoping that this outage with the Nintendo eShop and Sony’s online service is unlike the one in Dec. 2014. At that time, the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were unavailable for a considerable amount of time following a hack.

New titles for Switch

Separately, Nintendo added a few other games to the eShop last week. The hybrid console witnessed the influx of as much as 18 new titles last week, a majority of which were made available from Thursday, Dec. 21. Nintendo has not released any major first or third-party titles in the previous week, but it did drop some interesting games such as Mom Hid My Game, which was previously available on the mobile by Hidden My Game By Mom, notes GameSpot.

Other new games added last week were the strategy game Tiny Metal; the Zelda-style 2D adventure game Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King; the top-down racer/shooter The Next Penelope; and the mini-game/art creator Puzzle Box Maker. Last week, Nintendo also released Smash Bros-style fighter Brawlout; the 3D roguelike brawler Heart & Slash; the Mario game Vs. Super Mario Bros.; and the strategic board game Tactical Mind.

Meanwhile, Nintendo fans are eagerly waiting for a paid online service. The portal was meant to be launched in the fall of this year, but was postponed to 2018 with no specific date. Nintendo previously stated that they will reveal more about the progress by the end of 2017. However, there are no details as of yet with just a few days left in 2017.

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