Mercedes-Benz 2019 G-Class Will Feature Upgraded Interior


New information on the Mercedes-Benz 2019 G-Class suggests a seriously upgraded interior.

2019 G-Class Interior Design

While we may not see a drastic departure from the boxy body that the SUV has sported for nearly 40 years at this point, the 2019 G-Class will feature an interior that makes it truly deserving of its luxury price tag.

Perhaps the most notable change is a more spacious design. The front seat has an additional 1.5-inches of leg and shoulder room, while elbow room has risen an impressive 2.7 inches. The increased legroom in the back is much more impressive, with a nearly 6-inch increase. 1.1 inches of shoulder room and 2.2 inches of elbow space round out the improvements for second-row passengers. For increased comfort in the back, the rear seats are adjustable in nine different positions, and a third climate control zone allows for the perfect temperature.

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The 2019 G-Class instrument panel is redesigned for a fresh look, but it retains the usual hallmarks such as the three center 4×4 locker switches, a standard analog gauge cluster, and a passenger grab handle. Customers also have the option for the dual 12.3-inch screens that we’ve already seen in the E and S-Class models.

A priority for designers with the G-class was to improve storage space. This was accomplished by moving the gear shifter from the center console to the steering column, with an electric parking brake. This opens more real estate for a large center armrest storage compartment, as well as spacious cup holders. Additionally, the glove box is more spacious, and bottle holders have been added to the panels in the back.

Top-Notch Comfort and Entertainment

Adding to the comfort of the vehicle are the heated, cooled, and massaging front leather seats. Active air bolsters are also available, adjusting according to current driving conditions. There are options for metal and carbon fiber finishes for the trim, but we feel that the default open-pore wood trim looks great with the leather covering the interior of the cabin. For the first time, the 2019 G-Class model will come with the option for a moonroof.

As far as information and entertainment go, a seven-speaker audio system comes standard with the 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. A Burmester surround-sound system with a 590-watt amplifier and 16 speakers is available for the audiophile who wants to push the car’s sound system to its limits. Audio and navigation features are controlled either by the center command dial or using buttons on the steering wheel. For those who prefer to control these aspects of the car using their phone, the Command Center is capable of using both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

While there’s currently no additional information other than the fact that the 2019 G-Class will be available from dealers in late 2018, this new information about the interior has us seriously excited. We’ll likely see much more about the car at the Detroit Auto Show next month, but until then, we’ll be tided over by this exciting sneak peek at next year’s luxury SUV.