Infographic: Bitcoin Futures Facts

It seems we’ve all caught the Bitcoin bug. Mainly, because Bitcoin and the Futures world may forever have ties. If you don’t know what we’re talking about,  read along here:

  1. What’s the Fuss About Bitcoin Anyway?
  2. Welcome to Futures, Bitcoin
  3. Bitcoin Futures Contract Specs
  4. How Much Money You Need To Trade Bitcoin Futures
  5. Trading Bitcoin Futures on the CBOE
  6. Bitcoin Futures Aren’t Predicting Anything

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The Cboe’s Futures contract launched this past Sunday (Dec 10th) and CME’s contract launches this Sunday. Two different exchanges mean two different contracts, means two data reference rates, means different margin, means different trading hours…. Means arbitrage opportunities?  So what’s the tale of the tape in what could be an epic battle? We came up with a table (or infographic) to make it easy for anyone to know the difference between CME’s and Cboe’s Bitcoin Futures contract:

Bitcoin Futures Facts

Will CME’s contract have a better first day than the Cboe? Will Bitcoin slip in prices, or will prices surge? How many contracts will be traded? How many times will the market be halted because of volatile moves? So many questions… Stay Tuned!

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