BitCast Ties Your Sex Toys To The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin Value


The bitcoin price is soaring sky high, but it seems this massive growth could soon cause more pleasure than the simple joy of a skyrocketing income.

Adult webcam site CamSoda is taking advantage of the bitcoin craze, tying in your favorite sex toys to the cryptocurrency and increasing vibration as the value grows and you make more money.


BitCast, as the platform is called, allows you to pair select sex toys with the performance of several currencies. Bitcoin is the most notable, but investors in Ethereum and Litecoin will also have their toys supported. The value of these cryptocurrencies is incredibly volatile, and it seems that the rise and fall of these investment opportunities will also give BitCast users the opportunity for dynamic pleasure.

It’s a bizarre and somewhat comical idea, and drives home just how variable the price of Bitcoin can be. If the price varies enough over the course of a few minutes to make for a variable sex toy experience, it’s clear that the value of these cryptocurrencies doesn’t stay stable for long. As the price increases, sensation increases, with the opposite true for a decrease in value.

If you’re interested in giving BitCast a try, you can download the Body Chat app and connect it to your Lovense account. Both male and female toys are currently supported.

CamSoda Vice President Daryn Parker elaborated on the adult website’s goal with BitCast.

“What has so many people captivated, aside from the fact that virtual currencies are largely unregulated and fraught with risk, is the daily volatility – the stratospheric price rises followed by meteoric price drops…With people constantly tracking their cryptocurrency investments, we saw an opportunity to offer them simultaneous sexual pleasure derived exclusively from price fluctuations…Now, with BitCast, our fans can hook up their favorite interactive toy and literally get pleasure from their investments…So, essentially, as the price goes up, so too do your orgasms.”

Money and Sex

The whole idea is an interesting intersection between business and pleasure. While the BitCast sex toy experience is likely a passing fad and advertising stunt rather than a key business model for CamSoda, it’s a novel way to connect most people’s two favorite things: money and sex.

It remains to be seen whether BitCast will catch on in a meaningful way, but considering the recent media coverage of the unique idea, it’s clearly going to pay off in one way or another for CamSoda.

It’s an intriguing concept that has me interested. Interested enough to try it out? Probably not. It’s fun to think about, but a sexual experience tied to profit and loss isn’t really up my alley. If bitcoin continues its meteoric climb it’s easy to see the appeal. However, having a sex toy fizzle out with a massive crash might make a financially upsetting experience just a little more painful.

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