New Google Search Tool Now Compares Any Two Devices

New Google Search Tool Now Compares Any Two Devices
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How many times have you found yourself trying to decide which phone or gadget to buy? Normally, if you are interested in buying a certain phone, you will go to Google and search for the phone you wish to buy. Alternatively, when you can’t decide between two phones, you search for the comparison charts that show the specs of one phone against another. A new handy Google search tool allows users to get to the specs comparison charts of two smartphones with greater ease.

On the weekend, the feature was rolled out and one of the first sites to notice this interesting new Google search tool was Android Police. Basically, if you want to see how two smartphones look, one against another, all you have to do is search for them. However, the search method is a bit different. To compare two smartphones, search them on Google with “vs” between the two smartphones that you want to compare. You will see a comparison chart on the search page, which will unveil the most important data and specs regarding both smartphones.

Unfortunately, the new Google search tool is not available to all users of this platform yet. Still, you can test to see whether it works for you or not, by typing into the Google search bar something like “Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy S8.” If you see a comparison chart appear on the search page, you are one of the users who are in luck.

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It is important to note that the specifications and details of either device are not as detailed as on other technology-based websites, such as ValueWalk. Still, it helps people who need to grab some information quickly, and to find information about some devices effortlessly. If you are using a mobile device, the new Google search tool will even provide an option to highlight the differences between the two devices.

The new Google search tool still needs some improvement before it entirely rolls out and becomes available to all users. Still, it’s a smart feature that will help many take a look at how two devices compare to each other.

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