Japan Teamed Up With NASA For The Mission To The Moon

Japan Teamed Up With NASA For The Mission To The Moon
dunc / Pixabay

No one has been on the moon for decades, and now, in collaboration with NASA, the Japanese space agency, JAXA, wants to send an exploratory mission to the Moon. Japan wants to help build a spaceport which will be near the Moon, in the latter part of the 2020s. They hope to send Japanese astronauts to the Moon, and to conduct exploratory missions, according to The Japan News (TJN), which quoted sources that are close to the government. According to the TJN, the government wants to send a draft report regarding the project to a group of experts.

Japan is ambitious to declare its leadership in the space industry. Likely, with joining NASA in the mission to the moon, the country will conduct various scientific experiments and get above the competition in the space industry. Japan still has some experiments to carry out aboard the ISS until 2024.

Japan hopes to join the USA and Russia in the mission to the Moon

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