iOS 12 Wish List: Everything We Want To See In Mobile OS

iOS 12 Wish List: Everything We Want To See In Mobile OS
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Apple has already dusted off the iOS 11 operating system, and will be looking to improve the software still further when iOS 12 is released next year. While iOS 11 has undoubtedly been a success for Apple, there is always room for improvement, and there will be a series of refinements in the next Apple mobile operating system.

Many Apple fans will be eagerly awaiting innovations from iOS 12, so here is our wish list for the next generation mobile operating system.

Release date

Firstly, it is worth noting that iOS 12 will almost certainly appear at the 2018 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple have chosen this event for the revelation of its mobile operating system in recent years, and there’s no reason to suspect this won’t be the case in 2018.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth selection

Although the Control Center system was revamped for the iOS 11 release, there is still room for operations within the software to be improved. In particular, the fact that it is impossible to turn off either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from this aspect of the operating system is particularly irritating.

While Apple wishes to ensure that certain features will always work, it is nonetheless irritating that there is no customization for the user here. Hopefully this will be addressed in iOS 12.

App Store wish list

Speaking of wish lists, it is surprising that this concept has been removed from the Apple App Store. Being able to add items to a wish list for future purchases was always useful, and it is a feature that we would like to see restored in the iOS 12 release. It’s not even possible to view an old wish list, something that Apple should rectify.

Camera controls

The iPhone range delivers excellent photographic capabilities, but the camera control system in iOS 11 leaves a little to be desired. Some of the controls that should be located within the camera are instead on a sub-menu of the main Settings screen.

This seems completely preposterous, and should be addressed in iOS 12.

Back button

Isn’t it about time that the back button was customizable in the iOS operating system? We certainly think so, and hope that Apple will provide us with the ability to shift this aspect of the operating system around in iOS 12.

Files improvements

Files shows promise as a file explorer and management system in iOS 11, but there is undoubtedly massive room for improvement. Apple should ensure that everything stored locally is visible on this system, if it is to deliver a software solution that can actually be considered a file manager.


This has been a bugbear of Apple fans for many years, and is one way that Android advocates criticized the iOS operating system. Apple has made the Control Center system more flexible, but customization is still far from comprehensive. This could be improved considerably by allowing all app shortcuts to be included, and hopefully this will be delivered in iOS 12.


Password managers are an aspect of software to which we have all become accustomed, but they can also cause problems with security. Nonetheless, autofill has been a welcome aspect of the iOS 11 operating system, but there are still question marks over how secure the system currently is. This must absolutely be addressed ahead of the release of iOS 12.

Dark mode

Dark mode is an absolute buzzword when it comes to mobile operating systems, and it would be great if Apple could deliver one in time for iOS 12. Such a feature has already been included in the Apple Watch and its watchOS operating system, meaning that it would surely be a possibility for iOS 12 as well.

Face ID

Face ID was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the new range of Apple devices, but there are still possible improvements to this innovation. The speed and reliability of Face ID could certainly be improved in the iOS 12 generation, while greater angles of recognition would also be particularly useful. Perhaps Apple could also add the option for users to select a second phase as a method of authentication as well.

Unlocking an iPhone

Aside from Face ID, it would also be greatly appreciated were Apple to ensure in iOS 12 that unlooking the iPhone is more convenient. Above all else, it would be nice to be able to unlock the device by swiping anywhere at all on the screen, as the existing approach is slightly unwieldy.

Always-on display

Apple can be somewhat criticized for excluding an always-on display from the iPhone range. This is not necessarily a specific criticism of the iOS operating system, but it is something that the consumer electronics giant could embrace both in its 2018 smartphone smartphone range and iOS 12 operating system. Particularly as the technology has been a staple of Android devices for several years.

Double-tap feature

To make the operation of the iPhone range simpler still, Apple could include a double-tab feature, which would enable users to put the device to sleep. This is already possible on LG phones, and would be a nifty addition to the iOS 12 operating system.

App drawer

The screen in the iPhone X is particularly impressive, yet Apple forces users to cover it with unsightly application icons. Could these possibly be confined to a drawer? We certainly like to think that this will be the case with iOS 12.

Smarter unlocking

While security is all important, more could be done to ensure that unlocking the iPhone range is simpler. Android phones enable users to keep their devices unlocked when connected to trusted Wi-Fi networks or when utilizing certain Bluetooth devices, so this could certainly migrate to the Apple range with iOS 12. Fingers crossed.


Finally, iOS 10 ensured that the iPad tablet range was able to multitask effectively, and this could now be migrated to the iPhone with iOS 12. This would really represent a new dawn for the smartphone range.

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