Ableton Releases Live 10 With New Features And Improvements

Ableton released its latest version of the music production software, Live 10, on Thursday. The last version, Live 9, was released in 2013. For musicians fond of making music on the computer, Ableton is a must-have. The software enables live performance of electronic music and is also a full-fledged music-making tool.

Ableton Live 10 – what’s new?

It must be noted that what is released today is the public beta, while the final version will be released in the first-quarter of 2018. Ableton Live 10 comes with several new features and improvements. “You’ll find improvements to Live that help you stay in the flow at every stage of your creative process, whether you’re getting ideas down, organizing your setup or editing the details of your music,” the company says.

The Wavetable looks like a new feature, which is nothing but a synth that has a range of waveforms derived from analog synths and other instruments apart from the modeled analogue filters and a flexible modulation system. The Echo is the second notable feature, which is Ableton’s version of evergreen sounds of analog and tape delays. The feature focuses on the characterful repeats and ducking, which brings down the volume of repeats when the original signal is present.

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With Ableton Live 10, it would be possible to edit various MIDI clips simultaneously. Further, the company has also embedded a brand new “note chasing” feature in the Live 10. The feature ensures that all notes are played even if halfway through. There is also a Drum Buss, which has all the tools for tight, weighty and thick drums with saturation, compression and more.

Another useful feature of Ableton Live 10 is “Capture.” It is for those who do not record while performing. The new feature is capable of storing all the MIDI input in the background, even if the user is not recording. So, if a user is giving their best performance but not recording, Capture will do it for them.

Changes that make it better

One of the most welcoming changes in the Live 10 is that Max for Live is integrated completely into Live. The Max for Live is a toolkit for designing effects, synths and more. However, the feature was optional ever since it was launched in 2009. Now, with the integration of the feature into Live 10, users will no longer have to pay separately for the service.

Ableton Live 10 also offers improved mixing. The company claims that Live 10 has a better gain range, a new Bass Mono feature in Utility, Split Stereo Pan feature and extended low-frequency slopes on EQ Eight. Ableton has also extensively worked on the sound library offering four packs of multi-sampled synths, drums and keys. There are also curated collections that organize sounds and instruments into common sonic themes. Additionally, the sound quality of the Core Library has been enhanced and re-organized making the sound even better.

Ableton is now offering a 20% discount on Live 9 from Nov. 2 through Feb. 2. Along with the discount, the company is also promising a free upgrade to the Live 10, as and when it is released. The Live 10, when released, will cost $449 for the standard version, while the one with all software instruments will cost $499.