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Cyber Crime Will Make The Internet Better

Cyber Crime Cost $450 Billion In 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

It might seem counter-intuitive, but cyber crime might end up making the Internet better. When something is broken you fix it or you throw...
Learned Charlie Munger Become A Millionaire Untested Ideas fundamental algorithm incentives Top 10 oldest billionaires in the world

Charlie Munger Advice For The Young

Charles Thomas Munger is an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, he is also the chairman of the...
charlie munger book Munger Changeable Market Conditions

Charlie Munger talks about The Golden Rule

Munger talks about The Golden Rule

Yes Cash is an Asset Class Again!

In a US Dollar bull market with interest rates at zero, cash is rightfully dismissed as a non-asset class. But, when the US Dollar...

Hutchin Hill Shuts Down – Letter

Another one bites the dust - Neil Chriss of Hutchin Hill is shutting down his hedge fund, according to a November 30th letter to...
Bryan McLaren Zoned Properties

Triple-Net-Leasing, Legislation And Community Relationships

Zoned Properties (OTCQX:ZDPY) CEO Bryan McLaren sat down with Executive Casts to speak about triple-net leasing, the importance of understanding legislation in the industry which ZDPY...

US China Trade War Is Here

The U.S.-China trade war is real. This week, the U.S. Commerce Department launched an investigation into aluminum imports from China – worth around US$600 million...

China Striving To Boost Energy Imports From Turkmenistan

China is expected to be a major presence at the 28th meeting of the Energy Charter Conference, scheduled to be held in the Turkmen...

When Zimbabwe Was The Camelot of Africa

The new president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has one thing going for him. Maybe it is the only thing going for him. He may just...
cycles to your advantagecycles to your advantage Baupost Q2 Letter spo partners

5 Issues With The Margin Of Safety

Investing with a margin of safety is not that easy. Here I discuss 5 issues that is good to keep in mind. 5 Issues With...
Robert Shiller affecting stock prices Irrational Depression economic developments hill-and-valley pattern Competing Entertainment Options stock investors Tourbillon Capital Partners SPX Partners

Interview With Robert Shiller, 2017 Truman Medal Recipient

Tommy Atlee '20 sits down with Economics Professor Robert Shiller, 2017 Truman Medal recipient and 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics Laureate, to talk about...
Google assistant on iphone

Investing In Google

This post is written by Mikael Tarnawski-Berlin. It was initially published in February 2017 on his blog www.pandium.se/blogg. Mikael is the portfolio manager of...
What Is A Hedge Fund

What Is A Hedge Fund? [INFOGRAPHIC]

For many entry-level investors, hedge funds are shrouded in mystery and exclusivity.   However, despite an image of complexity and secrecy, the basics around hedge funds...
Tesla SEC Complaint Elon Musk

Stanphly On Tesla’s New “Ponzi-powered Roadster “

Mark Spiegel's biggest alpha comes from his picks in micro-caps which are under the radar – Indeed, Mr. Spiegel makes most of his money...
amazon stock amazon q3 2017 earnings

Amazon’s Coming Anti-Trust Battle

What happens when big companies get too big? They get taken apart at the government scrapyard (otherwise known as the antitrust division of the Department...