Resident Evil Revelations For Switch Have Exclusive Retro Mini-Games

Resident Evil Revelations For Switch Have Exclusive Retro Mini-Games
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Capcom earlier gave some hint that the Resident Evil Revelations Collection for the Nintendo Switch will include exclusive retro mini-games. On Thursday, the game maker shared more details on the mini-games along with the trailers.

One of the mini-games is Ghouls ‘n Homunculi, homage from Capcom to the Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Capcom said that Ghouls ‘n Homunculi will be included in the Resident Evil Revelations 2. In the mini-game, players take control of Resident Evil‘s Barry Burton, instead of playing as Arthur. Just like Arthur, Burton loses a piece of clothing whenever he is hit. However, it is not known if the game has the same difficulty level as the original Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.

The second mini-game is Ghost Ship Panic, which is all about shooting the enemies and earning a high score to earn BP, which would be used in Raid Mode. The player needs to shoot the zombies or any creature before they reach the bottom of the screen. Starting from the easy shooting game, the monsters and dogs start raining down the screen as the game progresses.

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Capcom has already released Resident Evil Revelations on different consoles. Therefore, bringing exclusive content on Switch could be a good idea. It could help lure Nintendo Switch owners, who already own the Revelations and Revelations 2, to buy the new collection to try this exclusive content.

Nintendo bagged the top spot in video game hardware sales by a huge margin for the month of September, thanks to the rising popularity of the Switch. Switch’s U.S. sales have now topped 2 million units. With interesting games such as Resident Evil Revelations still to come, Switch’s sales are expected only to get stronger. For Switch, both the games will release on Nov. 28 and will be available separately for downloading. The retail pack would consist of a game card with Resident Evil Revelations and a download code for Resident Evil Revelations 2.

In separate news, Resident Evil 7 has sold 4 million copies of the title, finally meeting the target that it was expected to hit, in March of this year. Lately, Capcom has seen less than expected sales of its popular titles such as Street Fighter 5. However, at times, titles suffer from over expectation that publishers might have, and the target set by them. No matter how disappointed Capcom has been with the sales numbers of Resident Evil 7, it is still the fourth most successful game in the series even after being different from the typical Resident Evil games formula, notes PCGamer.

Meanwhile, Sony has also decided to release games for other consoles, and this other console is the Switch. Under a new publishing label, Unties, Sony will focus on smaller titles made for the multiple platforms. The first game from Unties will be released on Nov. 21. Dubbed as Tiny Metal, the game would be a war-style tactics game that would be launched on the PC, Switch and PS4. Sony showcased the game at this year’s PAX West Indie Megabooth. Other games in the pipeline include Last Standard, Deemo Reborn and Merkava Avalanche.

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