Qualcomm Tests Its First 5G Modem, Shows 5G Reference Phone

Qualcomm Tests Its First 5G Modem, Shows 5G Reference Phone
Free-Photos / Pixabay

Qualcomm has tested the 5G connection on a smartphone using the X50 5G modem launched a year ago. This takes the company a step closer to transforming 5G into reality. According to the chip maker, the modem did achieve gigabit speeds during the test, but it can clock a speed of up to 5Gbps once the network is fully deployed.

The size of the current 5G devices aren’t small by any measure. However, Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem uses a tiny millimeter wave antenna module. Sherif Hanna, Staff Manager of Product Marketing for 4G and 5G at Qualcomm, said, “Counter to prevailing opinion that millimeter-wave is just too finicky to use in mobile, we can use advanced massive MIMO techniques and beam-forming techniques to make millimeter-wave mobile.”

Speaking to VentureBeat, Peter Carson, director of marketing at Qualcomm said that the X50 5G modem chipset deployed for the first time during the test, worked, and this is an important step as it is in sync with the evolving 5G standard. Carson believes that once the technology is ready to be deployed on the mass-level, it would be able to transfer data at 5 Gbps. Further, the executive said that their goal is to start operator services in 2019.

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