Private GDP Continues It’s Strength

GDP came in at 3% today despite two hurricanes……..that means we ought to see Q4 above 3% also as reconstruction begins. It’ll be the first time we’ve seen 3% plus growth for three consecutive quarters since before the financial crisis.

You’ll also notice that the current two quarters are coming in well above the 2009-17 trend for GDP so we will see a material uptick in these charts in the coming months.

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“Davidson” submits:

Real Private GDP trend from Apr 2009 has risen to 2.91% from 2.88% at last read, Real GDP slight bump from 2.15% to 2.18% on latest report. Real Govt Exp&Inv continues to fall which continues to skew Real GDP lower from Real Private GDP. The signs continue to support recent trends in other indicators that economic activity is accelerating.

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