FBN Beats CNBC Even During Delivering Alpha Week

Fox Business Network ratings for the week of September 11th – September  15th.  FBN beat CNBC even during their big annual Delivering Alpha Conference which is one of the biggest investment conferences of the year with Lou Dobbs leading the pack – another big win for FBN – see more details below


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FBN Scores 15th Consecutive Week as Leader in Business Day Viewers

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‘ Lou Dobbs Tonight ’ Marks 56 Straight Weeks as the Number One in Business News

FOX Business Network (FBN) continued its winning streak over CNBC, sweeping the network in Business Day viewers as the markets hit new record highs during the week of September 11th-September 15th, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Despite CNBC’s special coverage of its seventh annual Delivering Alpha Conference, FBN’s Business Day saw a 23 percent advantage over the rival business network with 195,000 in total viewers compared to 159,000 for the week. In the advertiser friendly 25-54 demo, FBN delivered an 8 percent advantage over CNBC with 27,000 viewers compared to 25,000. This is FBN’s eighth full weekly sweep this year and 15th consecutive weekly win in Business Day viewers over the legacy brand CNBC.

For 56th consecutive week, Lou Dobbs Tonight (7-8p/ET) was the number one rated news program in business television with 359,000 total viewers, as well as the week’s leading business news program in the 25-54 demo with 50,000 total viewers.

Along with Dobbs, FBN’s Varney & Co (9a-12p/ET), CAVUTO Coast to Coast (12-2p/ET), Risk & Reward (5-6p/ET), Making Money (6-7p/ET), and After the Bell (4-5p/ET) were among the seven top-rated business programs for the week.  Additionally, Risk & Reward (5-6p/ET) dominated it’s CNBC competition in total viewers for the 19th consecutive week.

***Below is the data according to Nielsen Media Research


Week September 11th-September 15th, 2017


Business Day

FBN:  195,000 P2+, 27,000 A25-54

CNBC: 159,000 P2+; 25,000 A25-54

Ratings for the top seven business programs:

Total Viewers: Lou Dobbs Tonight (359,000), Varney & Co (247,000), Squawk on the Street (183,000), CAVUTO Coast to Coast (181,000), Risk & Reward (174,000), Making Money (166,000), After the Bell (164,000)