Bain Capital To Cash Out Of Two Asia-Based Businesses

Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs have agreed to sell cosmetics business Carver Korea to Unilever for €2.27 billion; the deal comes a little more than a year after the two investors teamed to acquire the company. Operating primarily in South Korea, Carver Korea generated €321 million in sales and €137 million in EBITDA during 2016.

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Quant vs Traditional Investors
By Andyhill8 (Andy Hill) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Separately, RISE Education, a portfolio company of Bain Capital since 2013, has filed to go public on the NASDAQ under the REDU ticker symbol. The company is an operator of after-school English language programs for children in China. Bloomberg reported earlier this summer that Bain Capital was seeking to sell RISE at a valuation of some $1 billion.

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Article by PitchBook