“ROBOT RAPE” Warning Tops Drudge Report

“ROBOT RAPE” Warning Tops Drudge Report
By Ed Emshwiller [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

SexBots Programed to Simulate Being Raped Could Encourage More Real Rapes

The top headline in today’s Drudge Report is ‘ROBOT RAPE,” and it links to a new study warning that sex robots [ sexbots ], now available for sale to anyone over the Internet, can be programmed to simulate being raped, and how many argue that this will lead to even more real rapes.

The study also notes that very realistic and lifelike sexbots can also now be made to appear like young children, raising the concern that their sale to pedophiles, as well as to potential perverts, could encourage increased sexual assaults on tots, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

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The study reports that sexbots are already popular in traditional brothels, where men may pay over $100 for the opportunity to engage in various sexual activities with them, and that cyber brothels featuring only