Report: iPhone 8 Gestures Will Replace The Home Button

Report: iPhone 8 Gestures Will Replace The Home Button
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

It may be one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world. The iPhone 8 will have a radical new design from what we have seen in previous releases. In fact, it’s arguably going to be the biggest design change in the history of the iPhone. However, don’t take our word for it… Apple went ahead and revealed the design themselves with their HomePod firmware leak which showed off an illustration of the upcoming iPhone 8. However, it has been unclear how the iPhone 8 would work with the loss of the home button. Now, according to Bloomberg, we may have an answer.

It appears that new iPhone 8 gestures will replace the functionality of the home button. This is according to sources that have seen a test version of iOS 11 running on the iPhone 8. Users will use gestures at the bottom of the iPhone 8 display to do things like close apps, navigate back to the home screen, and open multitasking. This is a huge change in the way users will interact with the iPhone and it will be interesting to see how dedicate iPhone fans adjust to the major change. The home button has been used for everything from scanning fingerprints to launching Siri to simply going back to the home screen. All of these features have to be moved or integrated into the iPhone 8 gestures.

Clearly, the iPhone 8 display isn’t just a major change in design but also a major change in the way the iPhone will operate. The bezel