Everything You Need To Know About The Tesla Model 3

Everything You Need To Know About The Tesla Model 3
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At a live event last week, the first 30 Tesla Model 3’s were handed over to their eager owners that pre-ordered back when the vehicle was first announced. That event marked the official entry of Tesla into the mass production vehicle market. Of course, there was the Model S and Model X but those were built in very limited numbers. The Model 3 is going to be the vehicle that shows us whether Tesla is a niche car manufacturer or a legitimate top dog in the industry.

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If you were thinking about getting behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3, don’t get your hopes up too much if you haven’t already pre-ordered one. The Model 3 is now shipping in mid-2018 for those that order theirs today. If you didn’t pre-order yet and you’re still on the fence then we have a list of the best features in the Tesla Model 3.

Goodbye Buttons and Knobs

Minimalist would be a good word to describe the dash on the Tesla Model 3. Other than a steering wheel and a giant touchscreen display, there’s nothing else. No volume knob, no FM radio seek buttons, no speedometer, no… Well, you get the point. Everything in the Tesla Model 3 is controlled through the touchscreen display. At first glance it looks very strange. But, give it some time and the design really grows on you. After all, most cars have some sort of touch screen these days. I have an 8-inch touch screen in my Jeep but I still have 300 buttons (give or take) around that touch screen. WHY?! Tesla has made the bold decision to put a big, beautiful touch screen front and center. Everything you need to know is on the screen. Everything you need to control is on that screen. With touchscreens as responsive as they are these days, why mess around with buttons anymore? It may take some getting used to but I imagine that in 5 to 10 years we will see more touchscreen-focused vehicle designs and less buttons.

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Road Trip?

The base model Tesla Model 3 gets 220 miles per charge. The upgraded model boasts 310 miles. That’s a good amount of distance from one charge which is good news because, unlike the Model S and Model X, the Tesla Model 3 does not get free access to Supercharging Stations. Obviously most people will be using their car for commuting and can simply charge up at home but the lack of free Supercharger access with the Model 3 might be bit of a sticking point for some people. With that said, paying for time at a Supercharger is just like paying for gas on a road trip. It really shouldn’t be a make or break thing.

OTA Software Updates

The Tesla Model 3 will be able to receive OTA software updates. That’s great news for such an advanced vehicle. Plus, there is the opportunity your car could have more features down the road than the day you bought it. How many other vehicle manufacturers can say that about the cars they sell? The OTA software updates will come in handy when Tesla is finally ready to launch their full, self-driving mode. Autopilot 2.0 sensors are included in the Tesla Model 3 but the software isn’t quite ready for full, daily driving duty. That could change quickly as regulatory approval rolls in for the Model 3. Instead of going out and getting the new model you can just have the new software update installed while your car charges in the garage and, the next day, it will be able to drive you to work.


The Tesla Model 3 is fairly affordable when you consider all of the features packed into that little sedan. The base model starts at $35,000 and the top model is about $44,000. Those prices are before any government rebates that are available. In some cases, car buyers could save a few thousand dollars by choosing an electric vehicle like the Tesla Model 3. Sure, there are cheaper vehicles out there but the value packed into the Model 3 is actually very impressive. Let’s not forget that Tesla vehicles are a bit of a status symbol right now and you can be sure you won’t find yourself sitting at a red light next to someone in the same vehicle if you’re driving a Tesla. Story time: the other day I was driving and I saw a guy in Model S. I don’t know this guy. I don’t know what he stands for. I don’t know what kind of person he is. Still… I thought he was the coolest guy on the road. That’s the power of a Tesla vehicle… Or maybe I just have very low standards for what I consider to be “cool.”

Other Thoughts

Here are a few things that don’t quite deserve their own headline text:

  • The Tesla Model 3 can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under six seconds. Sometimes 4-door sedans look like cars for getting groceries and going to the mall. The Model 3 can still get you to the mall it will just get you there a lot faster.
  • The Model 3 unlocks using your smartphone’s Bluetooth or NFC card. No more keys!
  • You can pick up the Model 3 in black, deep blue metallic, midnight silver metallic, silver metallic, red multi-coat, and white multi-coat. They all look great.
  • The roof is all glass. Be sure to buy that extended glass coverage you keep turning down at insurance renewal time.
  • The back seats fold down to reveal and impressive amount of storage space. This cool car is practical, too!

There you have it! All the most important points about the Tesla Model 3. What do you think? Are you going to consider ordering one?

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